"Who am I on a Soul level?" 

A single session of 2 - 2.5 hours 

Would you like to receive a crystal clear awareness of the nature of your Soul? Understand the potentiality of your soul so that you can intentionally use your spiritual uniqueness as an asset in your life & business. This is a soul-level healing experience, and comprehensive intuitive reading combined. 



womb work

Activate your feminine core so that you can live, love & lead differently

Four (4) months of mentorship

Helping you build a deep energetic feminine core through sacred womb work and heal remaining emotional-energetic issues that prevent you from feeling free and loved in your relationships. Four (4) months of mentoring, deep healing work, and self-study.



Process of deep deconditioning 

A combination of psychotherapy and modern energy work to heal what's been previously only managed. Tina's clinical practice and 20+ years of study focus on women's relationship to their bodies, intimacy, and personal power. She helps her beloved clients move on in their business and their private lives. 

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Want to study and grow?
Connect • Self-reflect • Flourish

If you're interested in getting to know yourself more deeply with Tina's help and learning more about your body, psyche, and soul, increasing your love for yourself and your ability to relate, sign up, and don't miss a thing! Tina offers occasional live in-person and online workshops, and you'll be notified of upcoming online courses.

A bit of intellectual curiosity, anyone?

Life ordinary through a collection of hand-picked articles and musings, crafted for You, with excellence.