Show us who You really are

Shatter the invisible spell of compliancy and revive Your body, intuition, wittiness, sexuality, and creativity

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IT'S been enough.
no more -

  • Sleepless nights, waking at 3:45 a.m. with dooming thoughts about just everything

  • Spilling your guts to people who have proved they just don't care to even listen

  • Guilt because you ate a piece of a cake... and then another one... and another?

  • Wanting to quit it all - because you suddenly feel unsuccessful, like a fraud

  • Hours of sitting on your sofa, hugging a box of Kleenex, feeling confused, miserable as f*ck


  • Say what you want to say - not what you assume they would need to hear

  • Demand changes in situations where changes must be done!

  • No more losing your mind trying to "fix" your mum, kid, him, your girlfriend, and assistant

  • Purify shame and secrets that kept you silent all these years #toriamos

  • "I completely love and accept myself" is not another fluff, you mean and feel it

  • The anxious pressure in your chest is gone your head works again

I shall help.
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sacred sexuality

deep intimacy

It's all possible.


To get you entirely back on track with all this - and more, we will first look deep into what's going on in your inner and outer life - your current problems. Then we will address and heal the root causes of your conflicts, frustration, emotional pain. Together, we will facilitate the change of precisely those parts of your inner landscape that need to transmute and transform for you to feel whole, satisfied, in delight.

Through our therapy work, you will significantly improve love-based thinking and behavior, and you will get aware of how your individual issues are intersecting with the collective issues and what can you do about this all. 

We will work WELL beyond mindset, on the emotional-energetic level. 


You will become your own trusted ally.

Your healing will then spread further. It will become a wave of social change in the community and contribute to the emotional and spiritual healing of humanity, which this level of healing desperately needs. 

This is process work.


The journey can be as simple as possible, and as complicated as it gets. There are no guarantees, however, experience shows determination, discipline, honesty, open mind, readiness to do the nitty-gritty work between the sessions, and acting in integrity do move mountains. 


arrange your first ONLINE session

We all have things we are reluctant to look at or we can't see. By leaving out the difficulty, we're leaving out the grace. I’m here to help you find safe, creative, and efficient answers to your most intimate inner struggles, and support you through this journey. This is my work. I help women journey through the shadow and the difficult, so they come out on the other side with bone-deep awareness of who they really are. To connect, simply fill the form below. I will get back to you and we will arrange your first 90-min session to dive deeper into. The fee for the 90 min intro session is available per inquiry at tina@tinabozic.com (you will be invoiced prior to the first session). In your first session, we will diligently and comfortably focus on -

  1. What's been happening in your life?

  2. What is the opening of the main psychospiritual theme in this part of your life cycle? 

  3. What are your intentions and goals?

  4. How can I assist?

If we feel we're a good fit for further collaboration, we will then jump in and work. Together, we're unstoppable. ;)

Thanks for submitting!
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“Establishing and maintaining contact with oneself is key to quality and full living. This work gave me the direction and the way to stay with myself in difficult moments, and gave me momentum and power to establish a different quality of life also in the future.”

– Tamara

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Our trusted working relationship is a sine qua non of the transformational mentoring work I offer. I believe no “technique” nor "fancy" energy tool can surpass the combined power of a trusted relationship and deep energy work. I also firmly stand for trauma-informed psychotherapy, body positivity, and LGTB+ inclusive therapy practice.

TINA, Is there a waiting list?

My practice is actually a boutique one. I keep the number of women I work with petite so I can bring excellence into every single session in my working week. My schedule is usually fully booked. However, it is also very dynamic and alive. This means spaces are popping up organically. Please send your inquiry and I will inform you about the possibilities. You are warmly welcomed. 


You don't need any extra previous experience with energy work. All I appreciate from you is openness and willingness to explore your own story and ways how you feel, think, deal with yourself, other people, and life in general... a commitment to yourself. How you are will be the focus of our work, and the energy work is simply one of the tools from my workshop, and it doesn't really matter. The use of it differs my therapy work from the mainstream traditional therapy, and it brings something new and effective and very promising into the therapy setting, however, this is pretty much it. ;) 

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The majority of my clients are womxn in their '30s and '40s. They are reliable, responsible, compassionate. They are in relationships, singles, mums and not, creatives, scientists, rebellious independents, business owners. They identify as straight, lesbians, bisexuals.


Many of them had previous emotional issues like anxiety, depressive episodes, eating disorders, addictions. They handled them well, but then a moment came when they got aware they need an extra layer of inner work, self-love, and help. They come because they experience exhaustion, stuckness, anxiety, depressive moods, identity crisis, serious doubts, and conflicts regarding their roles as mothers, sexual partners, creatives. Often, the trigger is the relationship - a recent break-up or dissatisfaction with the one they have.


Women that work with me are open to a holistic, energy-based approach, and they intuitively know they want to journey with me by their side. 


Sounds correct for you?


Q: for whoM this TYPE OF inner work IS NOT RECCOMENDED?

My work in general (mentoring work, self-study courses, group workshops, and transformational programs) is not positioned as a quick fix or a "one-session" miracle work. I advise against signing up for my programs when a woman hopes this work will magically hand her the results. I believe in miracles,  and I see inner transformation as a consequence of intentional self-reflection and rising awareness meeting meaningful and persistent action. 


This type of inner work is also not advisable:

  • If a woman is in a situation where she cannot arrange a safe space to regularly attend online sessions 

  • If she is seriously self-harming or harming others - please, seek appropriate help immediately

  • If she hurts so much that she is unable to keep up with daily activities - please, seek appropriate help immediately

  • If she recently attempted suicide (in the past year)

  • If she is in an active addiction phase, unable to restrain herself from life-threatening self-destructive use of any kind of psychoactive substances like alcohol, drugs, over-the-counter painkillers, food, online games, dangerous sexual practices, etc. 

  • When self-pay sessions would cause added financial stress for her or her family.

In cases like these, it is important to seek help from local psychotherapy providers, psychiatrists, non-governmental organizations, national mental health services, or helplines.

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