Your unapologetic journey into the state of radical feminine presence. Become the real, raw, unrestrained woman you are meant to be.

Love and serve differently.

For You, the Caring and Ambitious 


As an expert in your field, you are daily in touch with many people, influencing their lives with your presence and work. People are approaching you as someone who's helping them navigate wild shores and deep oceans of life, safely.


As a Lighthouse, you know you have a responsibility - not only to yourself but to the people that follow and rely on you.


And even though you are a success, you are lately pushing against the wall.


Honestly, you even don't know why. There are certain patterns you’ve been noticing recently in your business and private life. Feeling like something is making you insecure and overthinking, stopping you from making the next step #frustration. Your compassion and tolerance seem to go bananas. There is so much pressure everywhere! As a cherry on a top, you feel unattractive. Kind of "old"? And tired. And eating too much, and then too little, having no easy time for an easy workout. There's so much to do and so little inspiration. 

This is starting to drive you crazy.


You've tried many things to resolve your situation, including sessions with your coach, your bestie, your hubby, fav bodyworker, you even masterminded it.


But nothing seems to really work. 


Let me tell you why. 

This stuff goes deeper.

It's not about your mindset


Even though you're not new to inner work? If you find yourself emotionally struggling (believe me, it's not PMS or menopause), feeling empty, struggling with eating too much and dieting on and on, sleeping too little, secretly smoking, having those Margaritas just too often? If you are relentlessly afraid of aging, obsessed with your looks and your body changes, or perhaps scared of loss, death and dying? 



You will need to go deeper.

Yes, having your head straight, using correct mindset and strategies, it’s important.


But truth is - it is not all.


Your life - your full feminine energetic presence, resides somewhere else.

Ready to find out?

It’s time for some real talk and some deep inner work that will take you beyond your witty, intelligent, beautiful mind.

Your frustrations?

Are invitations. 


They are a whisper, taking you to a deeply satisfying life. Will you listen? Do you dare to embrace your fullness and move beyond conditioned fear, hustle, frustration, tiredness, well-hidden powerlessness?


Deeply satisfying is about you, knowing exactly who you are, on your cellular level.


It is about the embodied presence of your Soul and the fine balance of masculine and feminine energies in your sacred being. 

Let me show you how.

In the safe escort of Tina, you know that you can go farther and more profound than you dare to go yourself. The bindings that take place on these journeys are something special; it's hard to describe them, you need to experience them ... definitely, the best and most luxurious inner travel that carries the power of healing transformation. I recommend it from the heart.

Mrs.S., Summer 2018

Serving clients since 2001, I know that secrets, unrecognized and hidden emotional experiences, can and do stop women from creating -


the success desired,

the intimacy sought. 


But what I also know is this can and should be changed. 

Because that makes a massive energetic difference in how you live, how you love, how you walk, talk, eat, take care of kids or a cat, how you create, inspire and lead.


It helps you stand your own ground with grace and ease, being loving, sensual, fulfilled and complete, sharing your creative gifts, enjoying good fortune or whatever it is that you want  - as a real, raw, delicious, ripe, passionate Woman. 

You can own this.
I can help.

Tina Bozic

Psychologist, Psychotherapist,

Shamanic Soul-Womb Practitioner


Your intimate pilgrimage 

to the center of your Feminine Essence,

ultimate source of radical (self) love

Unravel is your private intensive transformational experience where you will start connecting to yourself deeper than you ever imagined it's even possible. 


Guided by my expertise - two decades of study and clinical experiences, along with a combination of multidimensional approach and down-to-earth support, you will dive on a deep healing journey.


The main goal is that you profoundly embody your beautiful Soul - your unique divinity, the true essence of who you are.

This work is absolutely not about focusing exclusively on the past. It is not about digging at wounds and making painful re-visits to same-old stories you’ve heard a thousand times before. Yet, it is also not about bypassing your emotional truth.

It’s about moving you forward through your Truth.


What makes Unravel different from any other transformational work is a thoughtful process of dismantling energetic blocks and restrictions that are currently adding up to your frustration.


This process of transformation is a healing journey of high-level energy work, embedded in a safe and committed relationship with me. In our work, I'm bringing together the best of both worlds that I've been studying for more than two decades - traditional psychotherapy, and energy work.


To choose to Unravel means to choose to become an open channel of your own Soul. This demands to gracefully release layers of conditional patterns so you are restoring the balance of your feminine and masculine energies in any and all levels of your life: 

  • body

  • intimacy and sexuality

  • your family of origin

  • relationships / community, 

  • creativity and work

This sacred container will help you embody your Essence, your Soul, on a level you never even imagined. Through this, a different kind of inner experience will emerge, and this will reflect then in the way how you lead your life in most practical ways. 

Together, we are diving deep into the nature of your Soul and then into transforming layers of individual, tribal and collective energies that are preventing You to express your Soul's truth and gifts fully.

Because Woman, I want you to be exactly who you are: 








I want you to be powerfully embodied, emotionally supersmart and connected to your Soul on command.

I want you to unravel Yourself,

reclaim Inner Authority,

stand your own Truth.

This is who you are, beyond all the must's, should's and ought's.  

Being in touch with the Soul has made me stronger and above all more responsible towards myself. It is my oasis, where I calm down, where I am exploring and letting myself dream the craziest dreams. Tina really perfectly combines a spiritual experience with knowledge of psychology - insights into setting boundaries, wounded female energy and inheritance from the primary family have been invaluable to me and have put many things into the right light. 

Mrs.G., Autumn 2018

Through this work, you will:

Build impeccable trust in your feelings. Yes, not to the surface emotions that create drama, but subtle intuitive earthquakes arising from your depths! By connecting to your feminine energetic centers and cultivating conscious breathing, you will shift perception around your beautiful unperfect body and all your "emotionality". Most of all, with the time you will become sovereign in navigating dozens of decisions you need to make daily, with grace, style, and ease.



As a woman, there is no chance to feel energetically complete and fully embodied before your womb consciousness is activated. We will go into the legacy of your ancestors, clearing distorted masculine and feminine energy imprints that have been to this day blocking you access to your full embodied feminine power. With this Feminine Sun activated, you will be able to relax, soften, surrender and trust, and create in your life and biz in a feminine way.



Excellent boundaries are mandatory, either in intimacy or business. Without them, we become depleted or literally sick. You will build your boundaries organically, from the inside out. We will be doing deep energy work on your boundaries and see where your organic, raw power is possibly still leaking, is stagnant or stuck. This will help you leap into setting your own standards and demands, standing with them and navigating inner and interpersonal conflicts as fascinating growth opportunities.



To master a new way of being, we need to master a new level of thinking. A big part of this is, you can dismantle the negative mental chatter. I will show you how to discipline and use the mind as your ally. When used correctly, the mind is our sacred tool that is serving our deepest visions, connecting us to manifesting our Soul's desires in intentional ways.



You will build a fundamental connection to your womb as an energetic seat of feminine consciousness. Your womb is embodied center of your feminine Soul. Chances are, you will never again feel empty, abandoned, alone or left out, because you will commune with the source of life inside of yourself, the agent of pleasure in your sexuality and creativity. Unleashing your orgasmic birthright? A must!  



Through this work, your perception will shift. You will learn how to work your spiritual essence, your Soul. You will learn to use specific frequency of deep organic feminine light so you will be able to connect to the field of endless possibilities and call in New. You will get cozy and familiar with effective energetic practices that will support your new level of being. With no hustle, no rigorous discipline or hard-core rules, you will see how pleasurable it is to be profoundly nurtured and internally held even when life gets demanding, hard or super busy - because it does, right?




With no apologies.



  1. Live as a woman who truly cares for others, but also doesn't give a f*#k about gossips, unconstructive opinions or even malignant critiques (yes, people do that)

  2. Allow yourself to feel deeply rooted in your sense of identity, so you know and feel who you are #priceless

  3. Make choices and decisions like Queen Elizabeth I 

  4. Navigate intimate relationships and professional groups with the level of supreme love and confidence you admire and desire! 

I am Tina.

I am a mama of two sparkling young Ladies.
I am a woman to my lifetime Beloved. 
I am comfortable with matters of Deep Spaces Within.
I Am.

Yes, I’m a therapist. And psychologist and energy healer. Some say I'm inspiring, some probably can't stand me, some even say I'm a bit of a witch? What I know is, I'm a woman who built her life and business ground up. I'm happily married (not a cliche), mother of two sparkling young women, and owner of my private holistic psychotherapy practice. First hand, I do know a lot about how our past is keeping us from building the future we desire. And this is why I’m here. To help You dig through blocks and restrictions in a way that you will be able to express your soulful gifts while building a life that feels deeply correct for you. I'm all into liberating women's souls and helping them to get completely embodied which equals notoriously successful, on their own sacred terms. This is what I care about. I'm a fully trained and certified psychotherapist madly in love with energy work - just because it works. In my practice, I'm helping progressive, creative and caring women - Lighthouses, to close doors to traumatic and difficult past, feel emotionally complete and self-confident, so they can keep the important work they do while being deeply nourished and satisfied.


Working with me, You are served through an empowering mix of in-depth psychospiritual work, compassion, and excellence. 

I adore this work we do.

This is the initiation into the life of an adult woman who is in deep contact with what she is and with what she feels. It requires you to confront your shadow to take full responsibility for your life, which is not always pleasurable but brings with it the gifts of being grounded, connection with yourself and the people around you. In the past, I did a couple of other "spiritual" programs - Tina's was the first to cause visible and tangible changes in my real life.

- Ms.K., Winter 2019




is created for a woman like you, ready to make a profound revision of her-story, heal what needs to be healed and close door to the past so Soul can shine even more. We are diving deep into the nature of your Soul and then transforming the energies that are preventing you to love, create and serve accordingly to the uniqueness of your spiritual Essence. 



  • Honest and respectful

  • Say what they think, do what they say #integrity

  • Responsive and caring #responsibility

  • Currently not pregnant - due to the nature of energetic womb work as part of this mentorship

  • Eager to learn, willing to grow

  • Have vitality and resources so they can take much needed time for herself, to do the inner work, invest energy and finances #commitment




  • Averse, rejective, heavily doubtful about energy work 

  • Have been in the past year experimenting with any kind of mind-altering substances recreationally, regularly or ceremonially - weed, ayahuasca, microdosing, etc.

  • Not able to sustain from using alcohol 3 days before and 3 days after energy practices sessions

What's included

In-depth healing work and mentoring
that will bring your Soul forward


This work is your rite-of-passage into the empowered feminine presence that will help you fully embody and starting to express your true spiritual essence, Soul, standing your authority and serving and loving with pure grace. 


1. We are scheduling twelve (12) online 90 min sessions, comfortably spread over a period of cca.4-5 months. Usually, we do 3 weeks of work with one week of integrational break. In a nutshell: we are diving deep into the nature of your Soul, transforming the energies preventing you to stand in your own energy fully.

2. Intake questionnaire, so you will be pre-prepared to dive deeper


3. Self-study material that will get you ready for energy practices - because to change, we need to understand what we are on to

4. Audio Recordings of all energy practices. They will help you stay on track and integrate a new level of your feminine presence even deeper, supporting the integration of this work 

5. Email access to Tina for quick insights and clarifications - priceless. Through our trustworthy relationship, you will grow with excellence!

I love working with Tina. And despite the fact that I personally prefer an individual treatment, the work in the group with her is also invaluable. Because of Tina, of course, because even when we go into the deepest parts of ourselves, she always gives a sense of security, support, and acceptance. Love it!

Mrs. P., Summer 2018

Master yourself


  • Gain crystal clear awareness of who you are on your Soul level,

  • Increase awareness of your unique spiritual gifts

  • Get familiar with your highly individualized strategies of making Soul aligned decisions

  • Start using your spiritual gifts in your intimacy and work

  • Activate your Womb Consciousness and gain an in-depth understanding of this powerful female energy center and learn how to lovingly use it

  • Expand your energetic ability to receive, hold and give

  • Develop radical self-trust, and grow radical (self) love and embodied self-confidence

  • Gain a profound understanding of your current struggles and get inspired to transform them 

  • A growing sense of yourself as being Divine

  • Growing freedom and joyful awareness of who you are - a multidimensional being

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Peace of mind

  • Unexpected

This transformational experience is diligently crafted to bring out your uniqueness in unapologetic ways. It's about you, the real, the raw, magical and unrestrained. It's about going beyond your emotional story so you can 

love, create and serve differently


Because the best way to love and serve others, amazing Lighthouse?

Is to serve and love yourself, first and completely.

Your consciousness and energy matters.

They are your responsibility and your influence. 

And, the world needs your impact. 



Unravel is your highly personalized program of transformational work and mentoring with Tina Bozic. It is an investment in 4-figures and available by application only. 

Details are discussed in a free 30-min consultation. 

Want to learn more? Ready for the next step?

Send your application!

send your application to arrange your free 30-min Zoom consult meeting

with Tina Bozic

Psychotherapist (EAP), BA Psychology,

DEH Certified Professional™, EFT Level 2 Practitioner,

Soul Realignment Practitioner, Sacred Womb Practitioner


To apply for Unravel program, please take the time to fill out the information below.

my dear, let's get you started!


much love, 



time is now


love, create and serve differently 

Achievement  Disclaimer

I don’t believe in quick fixes and "one session miracle" healings. I don't say they don't occasionally happen, and when they do, they are typically the result of years of previous hard work. Personal inner work is not an event, it is a process work and there are no guarantees where it takes us and how we use it. I believe in persistence, dedication, and commitment. My programs are intended to help people go deeper into individual, tribal and collective energetic blocks and restrictions that are stopping them from creating a life they deeply desire. As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or create your reality with our information, tools or strategies. My intention is to help by giving you space, support, and strategies that have the potential to move you forward. Nothing on this page or any of the websites is a promise or guarantee of results. I do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. All cases presented are illustrative only. A more detailed disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions for this program and website can be accessed via the discovery call and link here - please read it. Transparency and integrity are important to me. Many thanks!

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