In Search of Help?

You are in Search of Ensouled Life.

You've already done so much! Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, countless self-help books, "spiritual" workshops, alternative medicine, even some talk therapy?


Yet, you are not ok with how things are in your life. You are sick and tired of messy relationships or frustration in your business. And you can't stand all the emotional pain that comes with it. You are sick and tired of feeling not good enough, confused, pissed off, rejecting, or being rejected. 


I know there are utterly certain levels of our inner depths that are ready to be explored and transformed when we already are experienced in inner work. 


Perhaps this is happening to you right now.


Intricate, challenging, dark, or hard times are all about the potential to take you much deeper. Are you ready to go into the completion of who you are, beyond trauma, past hurt, and non-sense of social conditioning?

"When working with people, I can sense their Essence through the darkness of dense emotional pain, wounds, and layers of conditioning. There is a lot of Life going on behind our emotional shells. I'm here to help women step by step connect with that Life, overcome inner blocks and restrictions, learn how to connect to their Essence and then fully live it."



Time to Get Radically Empowered,

Radically Loved

No apologies. 

I’m here to help You move your life. I'm here to help You overcome deep feelings of loneliness, unworthiness, unfulfillment - once and all. And I'm here to help You craft life of deep intimacy, deep feminine sensuality, and well-deserved success, on your own sacred terms.

Because no matter how good you look and how successful you are, you're still fighting with deep feelings of sadness, emptiness or inadequacy.


In attempts to avoid your harsh inner reality, you then nourish complicated relationships with men and women. You get lost in battles with food and your body, or you are sabotaging your success in career or business big time.

Truth is, this will not go away just because you are aware of your "patterns". And truth is, this will not go away simply by making a "decision". Only when you transform deep layers of individual and collective trauma and restrictive patterns of social conditioning, you can and will arise super-empowered, in a radically loving way. 

Change never happens in your beautiful mind. It starts there and the right mindset is important. However, true transformation, the one we are looking for, happens on an emotional-energetic level. Deep in your cells. And for this, you need something else. 

Deep Inner Work

Deep inner work that I do with women is grounded in my extensive professional education of twenty-five years, and years of clinical work, but also in overcoming my challenging personal circumstances and building a life of freedom for myself. 


My life is devoted to inner work, study and creativity, growing my private practice, and spending as much time as possible with my beloved family. I'm happily married, mother to two amazing little women... and a British shorthair cat:) With my husband Samo Božič, Core Energetic body psychotherapist, our daughters, and Bowie the Cat, we are currently living in a small town in the valley of emerald Soča river, Slovenia, right on a border with Italy.


Running my holistic private practice since 2009, I work with clients worldwide. 

Realms of Love, Focus, Studies, and Work

Tina's Expertise

Psychospiritual approach to the healing of psyche and working with women circles, that's my zone of passion and genius. Since 1995, I've spent years and years studying and learning, through my own clinical practice and necessary sitting in groups - circles, observing my teachers how they work. Consciousness, radical (self) love, sacred sexuality, and intimate relationships are some of my favorite subjects. For a few years now, I'm on an in-depth journey exploring Soul Work and Sacred Womb Work and its impact on our emotionality, sexuality, intimacy, and creativity.


I hold or have been certified as:


  • BA Psychology (University of Ljubljana),

  • Individual and group psychodynamic body-oriented psychotherapist (European Association for Psychotherapy),

  • Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional (DEH® International),

  • Meridian tapping practitioner (Level 2, The EFT Center London), 

  • Soul Realignment® practitioner,

  • Sacred Womb practitioner.


Aspects of work that I've trained in or have experiences working with:


  • ego-building,

  • trauma healing,

  • shadow work,

  • sacred womb work

  • soul level work and healing,

  • shamanic practices.


In the past 20 years, I've been working with mentors and teachers to learn and explore Psyche and be able to bring this work to others. I am a freelance professional. I am regularly supervised/ mentored with elders from both sides of my work, psychotherapy, and energy healing. Naturally, I continue my inner growth with ongoing teachers.

Work with Tina


Love & Trust


"Each woman, among other things, also carries within her the pernicious and erroneous beliefs and patterns of her female ancestors. Tina helps each of them recognize themselves and decide for themselves what will happen to them. I realized that I was not what I show that I am. There is a very different content hidden in me. Each woman comes to such a workshop when she's ready. You simply feel it and come when it's time." 

- R., The Mother Wound Workshop (Spring, 2018)

"Tina's workshop is the initiation into the life of an adult woman who is in deep contact with what she is and with what she feels. It requires you to confront your shadow to take full responsibility for your life, which is not always pleasurable but brings with it the gifts of being grounded, connection with yourself and the people around you. In the past, I visited a couple of other "spiritual" workshops - Tina's was the first to cause visible and tangible changes in my real life."


- K., The Way of the Womb Workshop (Winter, 2019)


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