Mind-blowing sex.


An insanely satisfying intimacy.


Kids that listen.

A business that leaps.


And one magnificently happy WOMAN.


It’s all possible. Literally. 

I was like you once... unable to hear my soul over the noise of the world…


Relationships full of discord and ego, a career path that I did NOT want to be on, and dressing and talking and moving to suit the world and what they thought I should look like... it was all a big mess. 


But through in-depth energy work, mental training, and my own intuitive gifts I’ve shifted all of it. 


My once harried days of not knowing which way I was going ended when I learned how to feel and know what my soul was asking for. 


That was years ago. 


All you have to do is hear what your Soul is saying.


And say fuck it to being the woman everyone else says you should be.




It’s about what sets my soul on fire.


My Uggs and northern winds light me up.


Being barefooted and walking over the soil, lights me up.


Water and moon and people who are real and get it… light me up.


Because I’ve found the clarity that I was missing, I’m able to give my soul and myself what we need. 


By embodying my own feminine essence and radically loving myself...intuitions and quirks and imperfections and all…


I am able to connect with people like You who long to feel those same freedoms...to live wild and free within their own lives. 

I'm here to help You love your Dark, own your Light, and create life deeply Desired.


I'm here to help You heal irrational feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy - once and for all. 


I understand how you nourish complicated relationships with food, body, sexuality, and people. However, I also know how to help You transform from the inside out, so you too will arise embodied and ensouled.  


Your healing will then spread further.

It will become a wave of change in your tribe, community, and the collective. 


It will contribute to the emotional and spiritual healing of humanity, which this kind of healing... desperately needs.

Work that I do with women is grounded in my extensive professional education and clinical work of over twenty-five years. My approach is an intuitive integration of in-depth psychotherapy, energy psychology, and work with the unseen spiritual world.

I've been on the path of healing and conscious inner growth since age 16. Most of my early 20's (I'm over 40 now) were a time of deep pain and seeking ways how to heal. My central life-lesson back then was self-love, an attempt to grow Light, from the darkest place possible. 


The spiritual gift that I use with my work is straight "knowing"  - seeing, hearing, feeling - about parts of other people's inner worlds that are hidden from their conscious awareness and are causing them inner pain, and conflicts. So, as much as I navigate Light, I also sense Shadows, and crucial part of my role is to help people integrate deep, forgotten inner parts, often linked with emotional wounds and enormous gifts. I help them get whole again, assisting them to get back into their conscious life what has been long lost, forgotten, or denied. 


We always tap into the unseen and help it become visible, conscious, therefore healed, integrated.


For two decades now, my life is devoted to exploring deep inner work, work in my private practice, and of course to my family. I'm married to Samo Božič, my colleague, a body psychotherapist, and we're parents of two teenage girls. With our cat Bowie, we live in a small town in the beautiful valley of emerald Soča river, Slovenia, on a border with Italy. 

"Awake your feminine power, your feminine potentials, and purify with all the distorted beliefs that prevent you from shining in your femininity. You can do it surprisingly quickly only if you really feel you want it. Women have unprecedented power, especially when

we wake up together. Come to Tina and you’ll be surprised."

R.  ☽*☾ 2020

"This journey (of the womb) is a magical experience. Through it, you feel the primary feminine power, and with Tina’s guidance, you use all these new experiences to make tangible changes in your life or in experiencing the world. Through the practices, you become aware of yourself and embark on the path of sincerity and growth."

K. ☽*☾  2019

"Working with the soul does not seem to be a surrealistic thing anymore, but a kind of silent, sincere eavesdropping on myself and my own deeper inclinations, a safe, non-communicating conversation with myself, finding support within and not outside myself."

J. ☽*☾  2018

"Every woman comes to the point in her life where she realizes that the time has come for a very special inventory - the inventory of her inside. Do I really live my life to the fullest? Am I aware of all my sources of power, or do I give them to others? Am I as loved as I deserve to be? What is my relationship with myself, my body? These are just a few questions that begin to open when you go on the most important journey - traveling to your own interior. In the safe escort of Tina, you know that you can go farther and deeper than you dare to go yourself. The bindings that take place on these journeys are something special; it's hard to describe them, you need to experience them ... definitely the best and richest travel that carries the power of healing transformation. I recommend from the heart."

S. ☽*☾  2017

my professional training and education

I work with individuals and groups, I'm a psychologist, trained therapist, and experienced facilitator for both settings. Since 2002, I've explored different ways of work with the psyche, body, and Soul. I'm mentoring caring and ambitious women to close doors to hurtful past, heal deliberating habits of self-rejection, accept themselves deeply, start to follow their Inner Authority, and then serve, create and love differently - on their own sacred terms.

With me, clients get a practitioner, who’s traditional practice (est 2009) is punctuated by a holistic and intuitive approach, incorporating the body, mind, and soul to help bring for much needed inner and outer transformation.

I’m working online and in-person at my healing space in Slovenia, Europe. I'm offering comprehensive process work for my private clients and transformative mystical workshops for intimate women circles. 


My practice is usually fully booked. To check the possibility of private 1-1 work with me, send an email and we will take it from there!


Gregorciceva ul.25

5000 Nova Gorica

SI - Slovenia, Europe

Serving Clients 



Monday: Study

Tuesday: Writings

Wednesday - Friday: Client Work

Holidays: Absolute must


Zasebna psihoterapevtska praksa in svetovanje Tina Bozic s.p.

Company Number 3516920000

VAT Registration Number SI76650839

Contact: tina@tinabozic.com

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