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I recall a wink of unusual brightness in my teenage room when I realized I wanted to study psychology, not medicine, literature, or journalism. It was one of those defining moments, a fork in the road.

However, psychology studies didn't save my day. Self-destructiveness marked my late teenage years, and in my early 20s, I knew I'd have to make a choice. I chose sobriety, recovery, and therapy. At that point, I also added experiential body psychotherapy training to my psychological studies.


Over time, my endless anxious sorrow had been alchemized into a life of love, sovereignty, and magic... some quantum leaps and plenty of "a little goes a long way." Now in my 40s', I can honestly say I adore this life. Life's good. It's not a casual walk in a park, but overall, it's exhilarating.


I'm happily married to Samo; we have been together for many years and are parents of two great young ladies. Samo Bozic is a former physics teacher and now a body psychotherapist, and we share local psychotherapy practice. 


You can currently find us and our cats, Carlos and Joy, in a western part of Slovenia. We live in the emerald Soča River Valley, on the border with Italy, close to the sea and the mountains. 



In recent years I've created various in-person healing intensives for women. We have worked closely with over 100 ladies. At each workshop, the beauty of women overpoured my heart with joy and deepened my faith in humanity. 


"After getting in touch with my soul, I'm always calm and at peace with myself. For the first time in my life, I take time for myself without having a guilty conscience because I know it's mine. This gives me new energy. The contact with the soul is for me to get to know myself in depth, to appreciate myself as a woman, to love myself, a cue for a better view of the world and independent action."


- K.

"I was the oldest participant, which scared me at first. But it was wonderful. In a circle of precious, incomparably warm, and beautiful women I experienced security, trust, and sincerity.  Somehow I feel that I've done a lot in the area of emotions related to my mother and the childhood pains. I took away from the workshop a great gift for my life and I believe that I can further strengthen my relationships with my adult children in a healthy, sincere, and honest way."

- J.

"Tina's workshop is an initiation into the life of an adult woman who's deeply in touch with who she's and what she feels. It requires you to face your shadow and take full responsibility for your life. This isn't always comfortable, but it brings with it the gifts of grounding and connection with yourself and those around you. I've attended a few other "spiritual" workshops - Tina's workshop was the first that made visible and tangible changes in my real life."


- K.


I began volunteering as an assistant in therapy groups in 2001 and meeting my first individual clients in 2003 as a young psychologist working for NGO.


I opened my private practice in 2009.


After completing a decade of training in psychodynamic body psychotherapy, I helped with the beginnings of psychodynamic psychotherapy studies in Slovenia. I was also giving lectures to students and served as a member of the Expert Committee of the Slovenian Umbrella Psychotherapy Association for a few years. 

Later, I switched my practice from traditional psychotherapy to holistic psychotherapy, specializing in energy approaches in psychotherapy and working with women. I've continued to learn with various traditional healers and energy psychology teachers, only some of them mentioned below. I have a long-time interest in shamanic work and work with the elements, sacred womb work, tarot, astrology, and Bach flower remedies.

I stand for a holistic, energy-based, process-oriented, non-pathologizing, neurodiversity-affirming, and neurobiological trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy and healing work.​ In my practice, I'm interested in what works, is safe, and helps my clients in the long run. I'm committed to excellence, integrity, continuous learning, and my profession's highest possible level of ethics.

My personal experiences and love for the magic of transformation backed up by knowledge of the art and science of psychotherapy - all drive my work together.

Credentials Bio



BA Psychology

I earned B.A. in psychology studies from the University of Ljubljana. Toward the end of my studies, I began to orient my interest to the psychology of women and clinical work. 

Psychodynamic Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

At age 25, I started a decade of experiential training and study in psychodynamic body-oriented psychotherapy.  I hold a European Certificate of Psychotherapy from this training; it's accredited by EAP - the European Association for Psychotherapy. 

Energy Psychology

Meeting Howard Brockman's work and learning from him between 2012-2016 was a second game-changer for my psychotherapy work. The integrative energy psychotherapy model Dynamic Energetic Healing® fitted well into my quest beyond traditional therapy; it helped me expand my awareness of trauma treatment at the body, mind, and spiritual levels. I'm happy to continue to combine psychodynamic body-oriented foundations with energy psychology and work with non-ordinary realities.

Trauma healing with energy psychology

EFT L2 Practitioner

As an EFT practitioner (L2 plus non-accredited L3, The EFT Center London), I did additional training also in trauma processing. Additionaly, for years now, I've been individually working with a mentor and supervisor that is a senior psychosynthesis psychotherapist and master EFT trainer.

Womb Work 

Sacred Womb Awakening and Healing Practitioner

In 2018, I joined a group of practitioners training in sacred womb work on a 10-day in-person intensive; a year-long womb healing training followed it. I continue exploring womb consciousness and integrating it with the rest of my knowledge, facilitating healing work in women circles. 

Far too many women still need to heal wounds and rewire the beliefs that keep them, as they kept me, the "good but never enough girl" that patriarchy can control. My work is about supporting them to regain their real personal power and access love encrypted deep inside their Souls so that they too can create a life they need, seek, and desire. 


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