Dear Woman. 

Welcome to my e-letters.


When time is lush, and the Monn is right, I'm crafting them, always with Love. To support you on foggy days, to powerfully inspire you on all the others. Often weekly, sometimes bi-monthly and at least once per month. You can always expect your e-Cuppa served with compassion, empowerment, and excellence. 


I'm sharing my insights, new learnings, inspirations, practical tips, as well as a peek into my latest events, travels, and happenings.

Together, we're in for:

☾ food, body, codependency issues
❧ radical responsibility and supreme self-confidence
☉ sacred relationships, sacred sexuality
⏃ life of the Soul
⏀ work with invisible realms, elements of Nature

See you soon!

Tina xx

PS.  I'm taking care of your e-address. You can unsubscribe anytime, not that I want, but you definitely can. Life's much about Choices.