Tropical Leaves

I'm Tina Božič

Soulful Transformational Mentor and Teacher,

Psychotherapist and Psychologist



And if you’re ready to get into a whole-being alignment that taps into every cell of your being so you can hear the song of your Soul?

Precious invites, sparks of possibility, sneak-peeks in behind scenes. Receive my blog posts and soul letters, directly to your inbox. I write when I have something to say, often bi-monthly to once per month.


Fractals of transformation and Love, crafted for You, with excellence.

Let's stay connected!

"When a student is ready, a teacher comes. Sometimes we need the last push to finally align with the truth in ourselves. Tina is such a wonderful catalyst for everything that one needs to be aware of, that you finally accept and love yourself completely. No compromises! Working with Tina - absolutely by far the most beautiful and most valuable gift you can give yourself!"

- Svetlana

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