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Reach Out, Move On

Are you waking up tense, nervous, or in a low mood? Is your day filled with worry, stress, hurry, or overwhelm? Issues with kids, or spouse, or elderly parents? Are you worried? Perhaps comforting with food? Yelling at kids or cats? Don't feel motivated at all for work you used to adore? Unable to focus or follow through?


The untold secrets and neglected emotional wounds do stop us from moving life forward. Gold is always in the mud - when we know how to look for it and then work with it. This is how the lotus grows.  


Every expansion in your life demands us to shed old skin. The more we resist, the more complicated it usually gets, and we notice this from feeling progressively detrimental. When nothing works, and it doesn't for a long time? People typically need a new direction.


This Private Consultation can help you find clarity in the densest times and the most unpromising situations. We will sit together, talk and see what's possible to find answers to your most burning questions. 

Would you want to talk with me?

Private Consultation is a 90 min introduction call where we meet to find fresh perspectives and practical solutions to your current challenges. We go directly to what's bothering you and take it from there. 

To book your Private Consultation

Please send me a message expressing your interest in scheduling a meeting. I will share an informed consent document with you, which includes all the necessary information about work with me, including the fee. 


 The healing tool par excellence is always radical acceptance. You explore your uniqueness while healing past wounds and opening new possibilities in a warm, safe, confidential, supportive, and inspiring space we create together. I also bring over 25 years of professional education, 20 years of clinical practice, inner work, and personal experiences.


Our core (spiritual) essence, the soul, is constantly active, coming into our awareness through our body and mind. The body is a vehicle and a temple, as we receive all information, healing, and transformation through it. By acknowledging the holistic reality of human life, we gain and cultivate a deep awareness of who we are and assist in developing warm, firm, and unconditional love and trust in ourselves.


I integrate psychodynamic, body-oriented work with a neurobiological, trauma-informed approach, complemented by various tools from the world of energy psychology and other tools to support your evolution. We aim to subtly dissolve the energetic origins of painful experiences while offering enough space and time to integrate different aspects of yourself and your story, past and present, and rebuild your life.  



It is an introductory consultation and in case you choose to work with me further, we continue with psychotherapy work. In the intro session I listen, you speak, I help you get clear about what's going on in your life, and I help you think through your situation supported by my clinical experiences and knowledge of how the psyche, nature, and relational matrix work.  


The Private Consultation is a self-contained session. Given my expertise in guiding transformative processes, we can explore suitable arrangements together if you decide to pursue further collaboration, but this is not necessary. 

words of kindness

"I met Tina at a tough time in my life. I was helpless, trapped in my own world, and wanted to break out of a vicious circle in which I was spinning."


"I've always loved to travel and learn about new places, cultures, and people, but I didn't know how much more important and not least interesting is the journey into myself. Discovering your hidden corners can be exhausting, but it's worth it. I feel like I've sorted out the situation inside myself, tidied the drawers and cupboards, and cleaned the whole apartment. I've learned better who I'm and what to expect from myself. I can say that I've defined the feelings that are inside me. I know them, know where they're, and recognize them more easily when they arise. And in doing so, I don't waste time and energy unnecessarily! Above all, I knew far too little about love, even though it's the most celebrated emotion. After a year and a half, since I started therapy, I can feel (and no longer know) "what kind of ice cream" I want. It looked easy, but it wasn't for me. I learned that and much more in the psychotherapy with Tina, whose work included energetic methods that suited me. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. I felt that she always felt what I felt. I can only praise her - even if praise sometimes sounds a bit too sweet; it's appropriate here - I should mention her professionalism, genuine personal contact, positive energy, vitality, and playfulness. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."


"To make a long story short: I was a nervous wreck, dissatisfied with my job and life as a partner, and completely lost. Today I'm happily married to the man who fully accepted my daughter from my first relationship, we're expecting a baby soon, and I have a great job. But I also have a bunch of wishes and plans for the future that I hope will come true one day."



My clients are motivated to explore their inner worlds, gain new perspectives, and engage in healing work. Healing sessions serve as portals into deeper reflection about their life currents and are space to do practical healing work on specific issues they bring to the sessions. Women who enjoy working with me are often present, self-aware, highly responsible, and interested in knowing themselves deeply.


Through our work, depending on their needs, women sooner or later acquire:

  • grace in how they feel and approach themselves and their loved ones, 

  • non-negotiable firmness in protecting their personal space and time, 

  • they grow extreme acceptance of their body and emotional currents,

  • they know how to use their feelings and how to approach their mind, 

  • they relax into their cycles of creativity,

  • they get comfortable around their soul

  • experience a new level of intimacy and sexuality


  • The better you know yourself

  • The fewer unresolved unconscious conflicts you hold

  • The more comfortable you feel in your body

  • The less trauma residue remains in your energy field

  • The closer you're to your Soul


... the easier it becomes to create a truly soulful life. So much is possible when you know how!


I'm orienting my work exclusively around the psychology of women, studying how women form and heal relationships with themselves, others, and the body. Contact me, and we will talk. Also, let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help and would love to hear from you. Take care. 

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