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Its you

Find out who you are on a Soul level and connect with your Soul

Have you ever asked yourself, who am I on a Soul level?

I'm here to help you understand yourself through a new perspective that uncovers new opportunities for growth that you are not yet aware of. I've been offering Soul Readings since 2017, and they are a vibrational medicine, a distinctive part of my holistic apothecary.


And point is, you can use it in your life, making wise moves, picking good choices, loving yourself even more


"I highly recommend soul reading with Tina to anyone who wants to learn the story and the purpose of her soul and get healing through a warm, colorful, open-minded, and professionally trained person. Tina understands how to convey important information about the soul in language that's easy to understand and helps people on the path to their essence and inner peace. As the years go by, I'll look back on our session with even greater gratitude for the actions, new insights, and choices I can take each day that is more in tune with my soul and support me in my path. Tina, thank you!"

- N.

"The soul reading that Tina has done has been a precious experience for me. I've received confirmation of my own intuitive insights into understanding the spiritual world and the phenomena within it, which I already know and am close to ... but I've often questioned them and felt that in my desire for comfort, I've "created" a fictitious, false image of the spiritual world. Lately, I feel that I've freed myself from the old "shackles" and "brakes" that were holding me down in some aspects of my life; physically, I feel calmer and more stable. Feeling that I've every opportunity to create a life to my liking gives me joy and inner peace." 

- I.


Complex intuitive analysis of the nature of your Soul - your spiritual essence - helps you understand strong points and specific vulnerabilities of your mind, body, and relationship matrix




In Soul Reading, you get practical and fine-refined instructions on how to use your divine qualities most wisely and meaningfully when approaching and making key decisions in life



The analysis of the nature of your soul is also enhanced by soul-level healing. This is a safe, non-invasive vibrational tool that helps to energetically align the human spirit with the presence of the spiritual essence - the soul

How you perceive yourself determines how you direct your actions. It all starts with perception. And when you perceive yourself as Being Divine, to the core and the bones, something shifts inside. You start to choose differently, and new choices give birth to:

This experience will help you see and understand yourself through an entirely different perspective  - a soulful one. If you ever wondered "who I am on a soul level?"... this reading is a clever way to find out.


"Soul reading with Tina was valuable because I saw my soul, its path and choices in a different light ... From a distance, gently and compassionately. Through this experience, I've become more aware and mindful of myself, my gifts, and everything I experience. Tina, thank you!"

- A.

My Story


Before, and after

I had my soul reading in the fall of 2016. To this day, I've no idea how I found the courage to book a session. Although I was already working with unseen realms and getting comfortable with shamanic work and energy psychology at the time, the "soul reading" was a bit too much for my scientifically conditioned mind. It wasn't "out of the box" but on the edge of insanity.

This reading was different from what I do for my clients; it was much less complex. But still, it helped me immensely. The energetic shift was palpable. I also understood specific patterns in my life and stopped fretting about particular quirks as I relaxed more and more into reality.


There are few experiences in my life that I can say there's a life before and after, and soul reading is one of them.

The logic behind Soul Reading, simplified


The more familiar you are with your Soul, the easier it's for you to make choices in harmony with the Soul. Why does this matter? Choices that are in harmony with your Soul - in harmony with your essential spiritual nature - are high-vibrational. That means they organically open the invisible doors to your natural energetic superpowers and lead energetically to abundance - every single time!

Amazing, isn't it?

Through our online meeting, I will help you understand yourself differently.

Through this empowering, practical, and in-depth intuitive work, you will:

  • Gain a basic feel and understanding of who you are on your Soul level

  • Get aware of your differences and uniqness, coded in your Soul's matrix

  • Get aware of possibilities, opportunities, and limitations you have scripted in your Soul's matrix

What is Soul Reading?

Soul Reading combines soul-level healing work, comprehensive analysis of your soul's essential features, and my guidance on practically using your essential spiritual traits in life and business.


Soul Reading is a magical veil of practical information about the true nature of your Soul. 


You will use it as a springboard for your new level of self-love and appreciation, giving yourself a chance to move the trajectory of your choices and slowly but surely learn the correct action that will bring you peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Your Soul Reading includes:

  • Soul Realignment® - vibrational healing on a soul level; I conduct it for you before we meet online

  • Comprehensive analysis of your Soul's features that I conduct before we meet online

  • 120 - 180 min online session in which I will:

- Analyze your soul's features, uniqueness, strengths, gifts, and potentiality to recognize in this lifetime.

- Explain how to make practical choices optimally aligned with your Soul's nature.

- Inform you what you should avoid doing to live in satisfaction or a sense of success.

- Share my intuitive insight and practical advice on implementing promising changes.

- Answer all your questions related to your urgent, present situation.

  • Audio recording of your Soul Reading session - for further listening, essential for integration, priceless!

  • Integrational homework that I send via email after an online meeting


Soul Reading also comes with #optional:

  • Bach Flower Essences recommendations to support the integration of the reading 

  • I'll be available to answer questions about the reading via email for six (6) weeks after the session. You can send me up to three (3) questions related to reading, and I'll answer them for you!


How does this sound? 🤍

I know that Soul Reading is no small thing; gradually integrating this experience and much inner work takes time. I want you to know I'll be by your side in the first days and weeks when so much new information will be in your awareness, and perhaps you will need some answers to some of the questions!

Soul Reading investment


Investment in this comprehensive experience, which will hopefully stay with you for a lifetime, is a high 3-figure one (EUR). The exact price is at any time available per your inquiry:


Experience shows the effect of this work stays with people willing to intentionally experiment with this valuable knowledge in their personal life and work.


Implementing parts of this knowledge will be your practical and sacred tool to get through your life more and more without unnecessary struggle.


This kind of experience isn't a quick fix or a magic wand, yet it has a long-lasting effect. As a practical woman myself, I can tell you that you can embody your divine essence completely anew when you start making wise choices. I will do my best to help you understand how to do that and deliver the most fine-refined and practical information regarding your soul, your current life situation, and any practical questions you'll bring to the session. 

"One of the most fascinating things I've given myself as a gift! I'm glad I was "called" and decided to get an insight into myself, which remains an important element for my future decisions."

- N.


About Tina Božič 

Tina is a mum of two, married, and works in private psychotherapy practice (est. 2009). She holds a BA in Psychology and is a certified psychotherapist (European Association of Psychotherapy). She's a Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional, a qualified EFT practitioner with additional training in trauma recovery using EFT. She's a Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Sacred Womb practitioner. Tina has a lifelong involvement with different metaphysical systems based on tarot, archetypes, and astrology. 

Q. Tina, how can I book my Soul Reading?

Please send your email to, and we will take it from there.

Q. How will I know if I'm ready for a Soul Reading?

People know it. When it's time, you know.  

Q. Will you need my date, time, and location of birth?


Q. I already did soul reading with another practitioner...

This Soul Reading is my unique combination of accessing Akashic Records integrated with timeless systems based on tarot, archetypes, and astrology. I have my way of conducting and delivering Soul information, and I don't follow anyone's script. It would be best if you made a good decision about whom you trust to access info about your Soul, and if you feel you can trust me, do let me know.

Q. Tina, is Soul Reading recommendable for anyone?

I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to people with the attitude of taking radical responsibility for their well-being.


You guys, you know who you are :)  People need time after the Soul Reading to keep contemplating their reality and the information and observe shifts in their energy, vibration, mind, and body. You, too, will need to pursue new choices actively - no one can do this for you. You have the power, and you are capable of making those choices.

Q. How is this work different from other readings? 

Soul Reading is intuitive reading and healing. It is this highly vibrational, empowering, and liberating experience. When I work, I always work inside the flow of living consciousness, meaning the information I receive and give to you is "alive." It matches what's vibrationally essential for you in a given space-time.


Reading has the potential to accelerate your spiritual growth, often in wonderful and unexpected ways.


I'm a healer and deliver information to you in a very embodied, practical, and structured way. This is intuitive work, meaning you cannot expect scientific proof or any psychometric background. It helps if you are comfy with the intuitive view that if something is scientifically unprovable, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is unobservable. 

Q. Can I do this for my kids?

You can, if they are younger than 16. If they are older, you need their consent, and please check first if they are open to this kind of experience. Then send me your inquiry via, and we will take it from there! 

Q. Any other questions?


Complex, practical and transformative

Soul Reading is a transmission of pure love.  You can feel that deeply. I also trust you'll use this wealth of information with dignity and care while giving yourself the time and space to reflect, contemplate, and experiment with respect for yourself and others.

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