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The Soul

Soul Profile Reading with Tina Božič

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

When we are plagued with a hidden sense of uneasiness or fuzzy self-worth, we need to comprehend that others can only meet us as deeply as they've met themselves


I know You are valuable and worthy, equal to everyone else, and at the same time so unique. This Soul Profile Reading will help you understand this to the core and the bones. It can bring you a sense of clarity and a deep connection with who you truly are. 

The goal of the reading is to help you understand yourself through a new perspective that optimizes your choices and uncovers new opportunities for growth that you are not yet aware of. It includes all - topics of your divine qualities, quirks, and potential. It helps you move forward with your particular life dilemma or situation. In this experience, we celebrate your divine uniqueness and human sameness.

Welcome, Woman!

I've been delivering Soul Readings since 2017. As a vibrational medicine, they are a valuable, distinct part of my holistic "apothecary".

"I highly recommend soul reading with Tina to anyone who wants to learn the story and the purpose of her soul, and get healing through a warm, colorful, open-minded, and professionally trained person. Tina understands how to convey important information about the soul in language that's easy to understand and helps people on the path to their essence and inner peace. I believe that as the years go by, I'll look back on our session with even greater gratitude for the actions, new insights, and choices I can take each day that is more in tune with my soul and support me in my path. Tina, thank you!"

- Natasa


Complex intuitive analysis of the nature of your Soul - your spiritual essence - helps you understand strong points and specific vulnerabilities of your mind, body, and relationship matrix



Practical and fine-refined instructions on how to use your divine qualities most wisely and meaningfully when approaching and making key decisions in life


The analysis of the nature of your soul is also enhanced by soul-level healing. This is a safe, non-invasive vibrational tool that helps to energetically align the human spirit with the presence of the spiritual essence - the soul

Soul Reading

Transform your perception, change your life


The point of this reading is to help you see and understand yourself through an entirely new perspective that will optimize your choices and reveal new growth opportunities of which you are not yet fully aware. It will help you loosen the grip of entrenched beliefs, upbringing methods, social norms, etc., that unfavorably influence how you perceive yourself.


How you perceive yourself defines what you do and avoid doing, and your actions eventually become your reality. 

Is this you?

So, it is extremely important to understand that how we perceive ourselves affects what we do and what we don't. Ultimately, our perception becomes our reality. Regardless of your hard-won wisdom, life experiences, accomplishments, credentials, positions, and earnings, you might still surprise yourself as you find yourself:

Staying in futile relationships, letting others make decisions for you

Questioning your mind because someone - or you yourself - tends to undermine it

Bottling up your thoughts and feelings for secret fear that your thoughts are stupid and your feelings are irrelevant

Putting others higher than yourself and putting yourself down in the process

Making assumptions about how others feel about you because they are unwilling to communicate it

People using you as a bridge to get to someone else

Harsh and critical self-talk that speaks about how you can't do it and won't ever succeed

"Soul reading with Tina was valuable for me because I saw my soul, its path and choices in a different light ... From a distance, gently and compassionately. Through this experience, I've become more aware and mindful of myself, my gifts, and everything I experience. Tina, thank you!"

- Andrejka


My Story


A life before, and after

I had my personal soul reading in the fall of 2016.


Even though this reading was incomparably less complex than the ones I do for my clients, it helped me understand specific patterns in my life.  Most of all, I stopped agonizing over certain quirks and began to relax into myself.


There are few experiences in my life that I can say there's a life before and after, and soul reading is one of them.


I knew I had found something precious for others, so I dived into studying the matters of the soul - first as a Soul Realignment® practitioner. Over the years, I've figured out how to distill vast amounts of information and combine delivery uniquely to my client's current situation.

Logic behind, simplified


The premise of this reading is that the more familiar we're with our Soul, the easier it's for us to make choices in harmony with her. Choices that are in harmony with our Soul - that's, in harmony with our essential spiritual nature - are also the ones that are high-vibrational and organically open the invisible doors to our natural, energetic abundance - every single time. By making choices aligned with our Soul, positivity in our lives multiplies, as within so without. 

Live who you are born to be

Through this extremely practical, solution-oriented reading, I will help you understand yourself, especially your qualities and limitations that you may have carried over the years but haven't yet fully resolved, and contribute to your current situation, a current challenge in your Soul's evolution. 


Through this empowering, in-depth intuitive work, you can:

  • Gain a basic understanding of who you are on your Soul level

  • Get aware of your differences and uniqness, coded in your Soul's matrix

  • Get aware of possibilities, opportunities, and limitations you have scripted in your Soul's matrix

I can also help you apprehend: 

  • How you can practically make decisions that align with your soul - and why this is so important!

  • How to recognize and avoid decisions that may not be anchored in your divine soul's matrix

  • How to support yourself in this process of transformation daily

"The soul reading that Tina has done has been an extremely valuable experience for me. I've received confirmation of my own intuitive insights into understanding the spiritual world and the phenomena within it, which I already know and am close to ... but I've often questioned them and felt that in my desire for comfort I've "created" a fictitious, false image of the spiritual world. Lately, I feel that I've freed myself from the old "shackles" and "brakes" that were holding me down in some aspects of my life; physically, I feel calmer and more stable. Feeling that I've every opportunity to create a life to my liking gives me joy and inner peace." 

- Ines

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Your investment


The fee is available per inquiry (tina@tinabozic.com**

  • Payment is accepted via bank account transfer or PayPal in advance. 

  • All sales are final.


** 22% VAT on this service is charged to any customers based in an EU country unless they can provide a valid VAT number issued in their country. Any non-EU customers do not need to pay 22% Slovenian VAT on this service. In case of unclearness regarding VAT, please check the Terms and Conditions or contact us; we'd love to help! 

What's included in Soul Profile Reading? 

  • A complete analysis of your Soul Profile

  • Soul Realignment® - vibrational healing on a soul level, conducted before your session

  • 2-hour online meeting in which:

- I will guide you through your soul's energy centers, life lessons, specializations, and gifts, 

- explain how to make the most effective choices that are optimally aligned with your soul,

- explain what you need to avoid to live in satisfaction, with a sense of success and accomplishment,

- share my intuitive insight and practical advice on how to implement promising changes, 

- answer all your questions related to the presenting issue,


I will also explain the broader background of the current challenging situation; we will look deeper into how it possibly came to be, with the intention that you learn from the past and choose differently from now on.

  • Audio recording of the session for further listening - essential for integration

  • Integrational homework

  • I'm available via email for three (3) working days after the meeting for any related questions that arise


If you apply this soul reading, it'll have its effect and help you to gradually build resilience

A very important thing about this reading is, experience shows the effect stays with people willing to intentionally experiment with this valuable knowledge in their personal life and work. Implementing segments of this embodied knowledge will act as a tool for getting through life without unnecessary struggle. This kind of experience isn't a quick fix or a magic wand, yet it has a long-lasting effect. It can help you embody your divine essence completely anew, enabling you to make really smart choices! ;)

Act decisively - because you know how to access what you need or want

Respond swiftly  - in the midst of super stressful situations

Say what you want to say clearly - without crushing doubt and toxic guilt

Walk your way - and manage the "uncomfortable" along the way with confidence, focus, love, and clarity

Express yourself instead of bottling up your thoughts and feelings

Value yourself, regardless of your size, your professional position, the number of orgasms or the academic success of your child


Counteract negative thoughts with higher vibrational truth gracefully

Stop using others as a source for lowering your self-worth

"One of the most fascinating things I've given myself as a gift! I'm glad I was "called" and decided to get an insight into myself, which remains an important element for my future decisions."

- Nika


Short Bio

Tina works in private psychotherapy practice (est. 2009). She holds a B.A. in Psychology (2003) and the European Diploma in Psychotherapy (2013).


She's a Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional (DEH International, 2016), is a qualified EFT practitioner (Level 1,2, The EFT Center, London, 2017), and has additional training in trauma recovery using EFT (2019). She's also a Soul Realignment® Practitioner (2017) and Sacred Womb Practitioner (2019).


Her way of working with clients is holistic, process-oriented, non-pathologizing, neurodiversity-affirming, and trauma-informed.

Our Fav  Questions 

Q. Tina, how can I book my session?


Please send your email to tina@tinabozic.com and we will take it from there. 

Q. Will I know if Soul Reading is a good choice for me?

People know it straight or they feel deep yes in their body. Some become energized by the offer, while some sense a deep satisfaction with the option presented. Some read about soul reading and then chat randomly about it with their friend; when talking, they realize, ou, this is something I need! For some, synchronicities happen that point them to this sacred soul work, like they hear information in their environment, and it comes to them, this is for me! Some feel it in their heart because they desire to connect with their Soul. There are ways in which people know what is correct for us!

Q. Will you need my date, time, and location of birth?

I will. In this work, I bring together a complex variety of metaphysical information to help your ego mind achieve a comprehensive understanding of your divinity. I do cross-check information through different intuitive systems to deliver the most fine-refined and practical information, regarding your inquiry and current life situation. 

Q. I already did Soul Profile Reading with another practitioner, is this ok?

That's fine, but I don't do another Soul Profile Reading then. In my opinion, Soul Profile Reading is something you do only once in a lifetime, and it's important that you make a good decision about whom you trust to access your Akashic Records.

Q. Tina, is this reading recommendable for anyone?

I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone with the attitude of taking full responsibility for their well-being. You will also need a degree of emotional and mental stability and openness. This is intuitive work, so you cannot expect scientific proof or psychometric background because it doesn't exist. It helps if you are comfy with a view that says, if something is scientifically unprovable, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is unobservable. 

Also. You will need to take time after the Soul Reading to keep contemplating your reality and the information and observe shifts in your energy, vibration, mind, and body. You will need to actively pursue new choices - no one can do this for you. You have the power, and you are capable of making those choices. 

Q. How is this work different from other "readings" out there? 

Soul Profile Reading is intuitive reading and healing. In this highly vibrational, empowering, and liberating experience, we work inside the flow of living consciousness, meaning the information you receive is "alive." It matches what's vibrationally essential for you in a given space-time. Reading has the potential to accelerate your spiritual growth, often in wonderful and unexpected ways. I'm a healer, and I deliver information in an embodied and structured way.

Q. Can I gift this reading to my spouse or friend?

Of course, you can. Please check if they are open to this kind of experience. Then simply send me your inquiry via tina@tinabozic.com 

Q. What's the point of learning how to make soul-aligned choices?

The insane satisfaction that foregoes any instant gratification. The sense of deep success that precedes any current limits and cirrcumstances. 


The point of making soul-level choices is about being able to connect to your divine uniqness. For example, if you are born to lead others, you will find your satisfaction in pursuing the career of a leader. If you are incarnated as a creative truth-teller, you won't be fulfilled unless you find a way to cherish and nurture your soul-driven to contribute to the micro-evolution of humanity with your truth. If you are here to take care of others, you will need to get skilled in how to handle yourself and your boundaries and then enjoy the deep joy of caring for others. 

What you need to understand is, we create reality by our choices. Choices are always completed on a level of action.  Just as we cannot conceive a child if we only think of sex.... we can create all our lives intentionally, by what we do, not by wishing, desiring, or thinking. Desiring and thinking are prerequisites for action. Conscious, intentional action can bring us to a conscious, intentional life that is aligned with our deepest soulful needs and desires that exceed the many limiting beliefs and habits that have been unconsciously instilled in us by growing up in a certain family, a certain culture, or a certain society.

Q. Any other questions?

Simply let me know, you can find me here: tina@tinabozic.com 

"The soul reading that Tina did for me was an extremely valuable experience. I received confirmation of my intuitive insights into understanding the spiritual world and the phenomena in it, which I already know and which are close to me... but I often doubted them and felt that in my desire for comfort, I was 'creating' a fictitious, false image of the spiritual world."

- Sonja


Complex intuitive analysis of the nature of your Soul - your spiritual essence - helps you understand strong points and specific vulnerabilities of your mind, body, and relationship matrix



Practical and fine-refined instructions on how to use your divine qualities most wisely and meaningfully when approaching and making key decisions in life


The analysis of the nature of your soul is also enhanced by soul-level healing. This is a safe, non-invasive vibrational tool that helps to energetically align the human spirit with the presence of the spiritual essence - the soul

Soul Reading