find out who you are on the soul level

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comprehensive reading and healing

Expedit your spiritual growth in the most beautiful, delightful way

Make choices that are generating plenty of good


Welcome, woman.
It’s time to bring on your true self and self-mastery that comes with it!


Because this is a real struggle for many competent, hard-working women in our modern world



No matter how great life we seem to have, or how classy we look, we often secretly fight deep feelings of irrational emptiness and inadequacy, declaring, but something is missing in this life!

Of course, it is!

The truth is missing.

In attempts to avoid the pain of harsh inner reality – which is the exact pain under which our true self is waiting for us, we instead nourish complicated relationships with food, body, sexual partners, career… not rarely with all of them!


Only when we unravel – peel back layers of beliefs that family and society have piled on us, we arise positively empowered, in a radically loving way.


Getting you fully embodied and ensouled, working through any layer of trauma or restrictive social conditioning, is what we aim for in our work. We accomplish this through a unique fusion of in-depth therapeutic conversations, energy work, sacred womb work, and soul work.


And while that may sound daunting…
you don’t have to do it alone.


And the most important part, you will be taking action on everything we uncover

The action is the hard part.

That’s where fear screws us over, telling us it’s all in our minds.

But it’s not.


Fear is what’s in our minds. Fear only shrouds our truths and keeps us small and miserable.

I will help you take fear head-on.

Something is off



The kids are suddenly on your last nerve with their fighting.
Your colleagues’ tiny mistakes are causing blow-ups.
And it makes you feel so bad that your partner misses you so terribly. 

Success wasn’t supposed to feel like this


All these little niggles that didn’t bother you before, now bubble up in big ways.
The patience and understanding you used to have has flown out of the window and the smallest things make you mad.

What’s happened, lately?

Nothing “happened”… the noise of life has simply drowned out the longings of your soul
So they’re getting louder now.

Demanding that you find the way to align your soul and the success you’ve already achieved in your life…