Find Out Who You Are
- on a Soul Level
Because Life Either Happens To Us - or We Make It Happen



We are creating our life through free will and choices. Choice IS always happening on the level of action. All our actions have consequences. The multitude of these action-consequences is what we then call "our Life".

How You Choose is How You Live


You are in the middle of your own paradigm shift. Standing on a crossroads. North or South? To stay or to go? More of the same or something new? You feel it. What used to make you happy, it now makes you bored. What used to ignite the passion in your heart and fire in your belly, it leaves you cold and unmoved. Still, you are as courageous, rebellious, and stubborn as you always used to be. You are an advocate of victim-free-mentality, and for you, it's clear who is co-creating your own life in alliance with the Divine #you


However, you need help.

Right now.


You have this excellent growth momentum and a fantastic challenge right here, right now. You are swimming in the warm waters of a new level of expansion, the next level of you, the next level of growth.


But "something" is keeping you stuck and you have no idea WTF it is. 

You worked on this already.


With yourself, your journal, your bestie, hubby, perhaps even your coach and therapist.

But it seems you are not moving anywhere.


Well, I can help.


Experience shows *this* - Soul Design Reading, becomes mystically visible to people when they feel the urge to expand the awareness of who they are on a spiritual level. This is their game-changer. It doesn't matter to what kind of spiritual tradition you belong or identify with. The question is:


Are you willing to meet your Soul?


In detail, in all her beauty and power?


Look, everything in this universe is highly structured and orderly. If you cannot grasp it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If you cannot measure it, it doesn't mean it has no value.


Our life is multidimensional.


And experience shows, *this*, it has a longlasting rippling effect. It is not a quick fix, an easy solution, or a magic wand. However, *this* works in the long run. It absolutely stays with people ready to intentionally apply this precious knowledge to their intimacy and business.

Positive Choices Are Generating Positive Outcomes


And Negative Choices? They're Generating More of What We Experience as Unpleasant, Frustrating, Painful

Negative choices are not bad or worse than positive, and positive choices are not superior to the negative ones. They only differ in the consequences they deliver. Positive choices are choices we make in alignment with "high vibrational states" of our body-mind: love, wisdom, truth, gratitude, beauty, compassion, etc. Negative choices are made in alignment with energies of fear, guilt, shame, obligation, and other "low vibrational states" of our body-mind.

Soul Aligned Choices Generate the Plentifulness of Good


Did you know that when we make a single, specific choice, we affect our entire being? Knowing how to make correct choices is a vital skill that you too can learn!

When we are able to make choices that are aligned with who we are on a Soul level, this automatically supplies us with lots of vital force energy in our physical reality. This supply of energy we can use for a career move, the next creative project, making new steps in our sexual life, fiscal expansion. With soul-aligned choices and actions, we step into the source of infinite energetic abundance. The key here is, the result of aligned choice is always abundant on a level of life that is in our intentional focus. It can be love, intimacy, time, health and vitality, money, or whatever we consciously intend!

Learn How to Make Correct Choices & Pull the Right Decisions, Day In & Day Out 


This Will Help You Make a Different Kind of Choices


This Is the Most Grounding, Loving, and Practical Intuitive Reading You Could Imagine 

A Game-Changer of Your Spiritual Evolution

Your Soul Design Experience is more than a session. It is a profound healing experience of realigning your subtle energy system to your Divine Soul Blueprint. It is also a reading of straight, detailed information about the nature of your Soul which I distill from the Akashic Records. And, it's also an experience of an intuitive mentoring.


With knowledge about the human psyche I've gathered in +25 years of studies and +15 years of work with clients, I am here to help you start understanding this precious information in a way that you are ready to apply in your day to day life. In our time together, I will walk you through your Soul's:


  • energy centers, 

  • life lessons, 

  • specializations,

  • gifts. 


We will look at:


  • the nature of your inner authority,

  • practical do's and don'ts regarding how to make soul-aligned choices in your 24/7 life. 


I will also explain to you, from a Soul level perspective, which leads you to the situation you are currently experiencing. 


This will impact your perception and your perception will influence the way you create your next steps in life. 


Together, we will dive into aspects of your current situation which calls for resolution and highlight it through the human and spiritual perspective, with the intention to help you feel much more empowered and self-confident.

Knowing Your Soul's Design Will Help You Grow & Expand Differently


In my holistic practice, I'm helping compassionate people move restrictive conditioned patterns that are blocking them from living deep relationships and fulfilling creativity. We are doing this through an approach that is integrating best of traditional in-depth psychotherapy, modern energy psychology and work with the spiritual, unseen realms.


This work is a precious part of my energy tool-box, expediting the spiritual growth of my clients in most beautiful, often unexpected and delightful ways:


  • You gain a profound understanding of your current struggles and, most of all, new insights into how to make changes.

  • You get familiar with strategies on how to choose and make Soul aligned decisions.

  • Awareness of your spiritual gifts is increasing, and you can immediately start using them at your work & life.

  • Crystal clear awareness of who you are on your Soul level is something that people often find comforting. 

  • A growing sense of self as Being Divine.

  • A growing sense of freedom and joyful awareness of who you are as a multidimensional being.

  • Felt sense of self-confidence.

  • Increased intuition.

  • Enhanced creativity.

  • Peace of mind.

  • Unexpected.

The central part of Soul Design Experience is our 2h online meeting. In those 120 minutes, I will walk you through the characteristic of your soul's energy. I will explain to you what is unique to your Soul, and why it is so important that you are aware of your soul's features. I will inform you about the block and restrictions that have been limiting your growth and creativity in the past, and then I will explain to you how you can practically use qualities that you are organically abundant in, on a Soul level, in everyday life - in any and all areas of your life. 

This Empowering and Liberating Soul Design Experience


  1. Online Reading Session - 120 min (we use Zoom)

  2. Comprehensive analysis of your Soul profile, conducted before your session

  3. Soul Realignment: a soul level healing, conducted before your session

  4. Audio Recording of the session for your further relistening (a must)

  5. Written homework material, tailored for you 

  6. Tina's availability for any questions regarding your reading via email up to 3  days after the reading

  7. 30 min follow-up session with Tina (optional)*


* This follow-up can be scheduled in a timeframe of 6-8 weeks after initial Soul Design Experience when you already started to implement and experiment with the Reading in your private life and biz, and we can look at what good is happening already and how to support your real-time progress even more!

Words of Love, Drops of Truth

This is What my Clients are Sharing

“Soul session with Tina was an immensely precious experience. My intuitive understanding of the spiritual world was confirmed… because in past I’ve been often doubting in it and didn’t believe in it. I’m sensing growing level of freedom in my life, I’m not feeling stuck anymore. I have this feeling that life is mine and I have every chance to create it as I desire, and this makes me feel joyful and peaceful.”


From my Soul to Yours


I'm wholeheartedly recommending this reading to You if you feel anyhow unexplainable stuck in your current situation - however, you are already embracing an attitude of taking 170% responsibility for your Life.


This work is available to people when they feel the urge to expand the awareness of who they are as spiritual beings. They sense that this level of awareness is their game-changer and they are ready to meet their Soul. 



This kind of experience, it has a longlasting rippling effect. It is not a quick fix, an easy solution or a magic wand. Experience shows it works in the long run - and it works AF:) It stays with people ready to intentionally apply this precious knowledge to their intimacy and business

Time is now.

Much love,


Tina Bozic,

Psychologist, Psychotherapist,

Shamanic Soul-Womb Practitioner


About Tina


Tina Bozic is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and energy healer. She is a woman who built her life and business from the ground up. She's happily married (no cliche), mother of two sparkling young ladies, and owner of holistic psychotherapy private practice. She is all into liberating women's souls and helping them to get completely embodied, which equals notoriously successful. She is a fully trained and certified psychotherapist madly in love with energy work - just because it works. Tina is helping progressive, creative and caring women - Lighthouses, to close doors to traumatic and difficult past, feel emotionally complete and self-confident, so they can keep the important work they do and feel deeply nourished and satisfied. When working with Tina, in any kind, shape or form, you are always served through her empowering mix of in-depth psycho-spiritual work, Compassion, and excellence.

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"I request the following for You in all versions, in all dimensions, for all energy bodies, in all concepts of time, on all levels of consciousness, throughout all planes of existence..."

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Achievement  Disclaimer

I don’t believe in quick fixes and "one session miracle" healings. I don't say they don't occasionally happen, and when they do, they are typically the result of years of previous hard work. Personal inner work is not an event, it is a process work and there are no guarantees where it takes us and how we use it. I believe in persistence, dedication, and commitment. My programs are intended to help people go deeper into individual, tribal and collective energetic blocks and restrictions that are stopping them from creating a life they deeply desire. As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or create your reality with our information, tools or strategies. My intention is to help by giving you space, support, and strategies that have the potential to move you forward. Nothing on this page or any of the websites is a promise or guarantee of results. I do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. All cases presented are illustrative only. A more detailed disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions for this program and website can be accessed via the discovery call and link here - please read it. Transparency and integrity are important to me. Many thanks!