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Soul-Womb Alchemist, Psychotherapist and Psychologist

"The experience is really invaluable, I can already feel the shifts, although of course I still react in the old ways, it immediately clicks in me: Oh, shit! So that's what it looks like? I'm doing it all wrong! Practically immediately, my awareness and consciousness of the alternative choice of my reactions activate, those that lead to positive results and are aligned with what I am on a mental level. Truly empowering! A little more practice and anchoring in consciousness and I believe that everything will be as it should be :) "


- S.  

“The soul reading that Tina did for me is an extremely valuable experience for me. I gained confirmation of my own intuitive insights into understanding the spirit world and the phenomena in it that I already know and are close to me… but I often doubted them and had the feeling that in my desire for comfort, I was ‘creating’ a fictional, false image of the spiritual world. Lately, I have a feeling of liberation from the old ‘clamps’ and ‘brakes’ that have kept me in place in some aspects of life (feeling stuck); but physically I feel more calm and stable. The feeling that I have all the possibilities of creating a life of my own is open, it fills me with joy and inner peace. ”

- S.

"The information she shared with me was very valuable because it confirmed my perception of myself and my specializations. Still, others were something completely new to me and only with awakened memories, feelings and emotions do they gain meaning.I recommend Soul reading with Tina to anyone who wants to receive the story, mission and healing of the soul through a human, warm, colorful, broad-minded and professionally trained person. Tina knows how to give important information for the soul and personal growth in understandable language and help the individual on the way to their essence and inner peace... Tina, thank you!"

- N.


Gregorciceva ul.25

5000 Nova Gorica

SI - Slovenia, Europe

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Monday: Study

Tuesday: Writings

Wednesday - Friday: Client Work

Holidays: Absolute must


Zasebna psihoterapevtska praksa in svetovanje Tina Bozic s.p.

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