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you want more?

If you want to go further and give birth to different, more important projects, tasks, missions, what you need to understand is, it's really not about projects, quests, tasks.


Because purely energetically all of them are already inside of you.

By feeling them, thinking about them, reflecting on them, stepping into the reasonable action… you are step by step, layer by layer, aspect by aspect... extracting them from the Field / the Source, while meanwhile, they're simultaneously extracting themselves for you, coming into your ego awareness through your Soul.

Your Soul is a connection to the field-of-all-there-is because it is a natural part of this all immersing, vast, endless energetic field of all possibilities.

And you, wanting to grow further - even without a crystal clear vision because some of us never have clear images, only substantial feelings… you only think it’s about project, task, mission.

It is not.

Your project is done - as deep soulful desire inside of you, it is already given.

The only thing you will need to take care of is how you will bring all that beauty into the human world, the manifested reality.

This is the real challenge.

You know what this means, in practical ways?

This means you will need to expand your body-mind capacity to hold and contain all the emotions and mental negativity that will be coming into the game once your “next step” starts to materialise.

Having a suitable, flexible, soft container – for all that comes up when we are bringing our soul desires down?This is a real challenge of more.

Because of this process of manifesting your soulful desire, it will challenge you where you least expect. It will challenge you exactly where you think your inside job has been already done. It will twist you and stretch you… and you know what the most challenging part is?

On a subconscious level, you know there are parts of your life that you are avoiding to look, to feel, to accept, transmute. You know this. And still, you are wondering – why I cannot move with my project, with my Soul work?

Why I’m still stuck?

You know why.

Part of you has no idea how to deal with all those parts that will be inevitably evoked by your organic soul expression.

It is not easy to be ensouled, living soulful life in a world that has so little Soul, and where so many people are pretending they have an awareness of it, when actually they don’t, they are just talking fluffy light words, sugar-coating their emotional wounds, and channeling Jesus and Mary Magdalene, all at once.

Bringing our unique soul expression into this life, into this society it demands a lot of courage. A lot of resilience. A lot of resources on the inside and out. Do you have them?

Do you have a deep connection with the uncompromised center of your own strength?

Are you aware about your own Womb Consciousness?

Womb Consciousness is a gift you receive on a diligently crafted journey into the depths of your feminine power. We won't get lost, and we also won't be found. We will bypass abysses, and we will bless the miserable spots, old cobwebs. We will meet old, dirty secrets, and past, dirty obligations.

But we won't care.

Do you know what we will do with all those dragons? Pains? Wounds? Shadows?

We will love them. So long and so hard that absolutely-fucking-nothing will be left from the pain, and nothing will be withdrawn from hurt.

We can do that, you know. When the time is right, when we commend this to happen? Nothing... and I mean nothing can stop us.

Let me know if you want to find out more about this particular kind of personal work I'm offering. You can find me here.



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PS. Proudly opening spaces for the intensive individual mentoring program

We will build an intimate, intentional, custom-made container for the process of your rapid transformational work. I will become your trusted confidant and skilled ally; you will become mentally strong, emotionally flexible, and spiritually supported AF. This is an ambitious program; you need to be ambitious to fit in. I want to teach you the best of what I know regarding mastering the energy. You will exponentially grow your creativity and your transformation will firmly impact people in your community. A journey won't be easy, it will be worth it. A selection process required, request the details: tina@tinabozic.com

*Tina Božič is a mama, wife, and master energy worker, trained psychotherapist, and psychologist, with +20 years of experience in self-growth and healing. She helps ambitious women #witches to finally quit hiding, so they grow a sincere pleasure of being themselves, start making bigger waves while gracefully building well-deserved success in intimacy and business. Tina deeply believes life is all about Beauty, Sovereignty, and Love. You can reach Tina via tina@tinabozic.com or ask about options to work with her here. And, don't forget to subscribe to her notorious and very much loved Soul Letters right here! <3


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