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no more inner-child work, thank you

My clients sooner or later get it.

As much as I respect them and love them, with me they won't get a therapist who enthusiastically supports any unnecessary trips to their past.

This is weird because (eons ago) I trained as a body-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapist. Honestly, it took me a fucking decade to get certified, and then a few short practicing years to realize that body of knowledge has some serious deficiencies and I need to move on.

Like, beyond and outside of any tight, pretty much patriarchial inspired "scientific" box...

I have refused to live 

locked in the orderly house of

reasons and proofs. 

The world I live in and believe in

is wider than that. And anyway,

what's wrong with Maybe? 

- Mary Oliver, The World I Live In

So now, I'm here to help my people close doors to the past... so they can learn to create new realities on demand

You know what? #flashnews

For the majority, this activation is far more challenging, demanding, and provocative than the passive, negative, a bit perverted indulgence of endless exploration of the past in all it's shapes and fucking forms. 

I do respect childhood experiences - my own, yours.

I am aware that coming to terms with our story, is an essential part of inner growth. I mean, ask Jung. We all know in order to become psychologically individuated, we need to come to terms with our own psychological grounds. 

Despite all this, understanding, empathy, else? 

I don't have the slightest inclination to enable anyone to get stuck in the past.

I don't agree with endless inner child work that many propagate. Or endless digging through the muddy mother-father wounds. Or.... never-ending inner-critic dialogues. Recurring past-lifetime regressions, anyone?

Yes, I think no one ever commits to the healing unless faced with severe pressure. The healing process is not pleasurable per se - but, surprisingly, if facilitated correctly, it should take us all there.

Because therapy space should be tailored solely for the transmutation of the negative and the positive into a new psychic form, that has a different, up-level of complexity, flow, and vibration. 

Therapy is healing. We go from dense, complicated, constricted energies. We access brighter, lighter, complex, yet much more expanded. We energetically travel from space of pretending to the places where our divine essence, our truth is available, breathable. 

Our authenticity, our truth, it always comes upon request and traveling through dark, bitter, denied, lost, and despised.

But we need to be very careful to not get stuck there.

The denial of life, the painful and bitter, frustrating, hysterical, raging, desperate? We need to face this all, with grace and ease, and lots of love. 

And then we need to fucking move on. 

Love and pleasure, they are unlimited and ever-growing.

There is no end to love, no end to delight, no end to truth and beauty.

And... we are acceptable.

We are loving and lovable.

We can reach out and get what we need.

We can compete.

And... win.

We can dare to be the best.

We can demand more.

We don't have to be afraid of being mundane and unperfect.

We are beautiful in our own individuality.

So are others.

We can start leading life from our bodies, not from our minds.

We can take ourselves and life as a play, as an experiment, as an experience... a life of the slightest effort, basically no pressure.

We can have a loving closeness and sacred distance to ourselves, other people, and the world... while at the same time, we are fully engaged, emotionally-energetically immersed in all of it.

Take care,


*Tina Božič is a mama, wife, and master energy worker, trained psychotherapist, and psychologist, with +20 years of experience in self-growth and healing. She helps ambitious women #witches to finally quit hiding, so they grow a sincere pleasure of being themselves, start making bigger waves while gracefully building well-deserved success in intimacy and business. Tina deeply believes life is all about Beauty, Sovereignty, and Love. You can reach Tina via tina@tinabozic.com or ask about options to work with her here. And, don't forget to subscribe to her notorious and very much loved Soul Letters right here! <3


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