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focus: write Soul Manifesto

I have a life-long friend. We rarely meet over winter. Usually, we sit down in the mid-summer when the sun is decently high, and the Mediterranean sea gets warmish. We typically unwind in the shadow of the sparkling juniper tree, in the middle of the island. Our wet, salty hair gets dry as we talk and talk and talk... we get lost in our soulful conversations and rubbing sounds of cicadas.

I remember three summers ago, we were sitting like this, and a friend of mine had been in a particular mood. The winter before, I think winds were not easy on her. She'd mentioned something about Saturn's return - whatever this symbolized for her; as I was listening with my womb, it definitely felt heavy, demanding, relinquish. Whatever it was, it for sure emulated a new kind of energy inside of her. Sitting under the juniper tree, she had this big urge to talk. The urge was significantly more prominent than usual as I was listening tentatively to feel her Soul.

It became obvious the winter game gave her lessons on boundaries and limitations. Observing her from aside, it seemed northern winds stripped off naivety and childishness from her face. Suddenly it seemed her body of a thirty-and-something carried the confidence of a Crone, a postmenopausal woman; she who died 1000 little deaths and rebirthed thousand and one more times.

All in all, it was clear, no one will ever fuck with her anymore.

She declared

"This is what I know now. This is what I feel. Listen!

From now on, I'm denying access to my energy space to people who anyhow torture me. I refuse to live and spend time with anyone who thrives on putting me down, acting arrogantly, or with indifference. I'm forbidding anyone to act with me in manners of abandoning me, breaching my boundaries, gaslighting, betraying, or treating me with disrespect.

In the same manner, I'm stopping with the violence inside.

I'm dismissing any kind of self-abuse, in any form or shape. I'm done with doubting my body, my brain, my goodness, lovability, intuitive capabilities, quirks, creativity, skills, all of my fucking magic. Because doubting any of this, it's a serious act of self-abuse.

I'm also proudly leaving the prison of any scientific, spiritual, religious, or professional paradigm that is rejecting - openly or secretly persecuting and degrading - my or anyone else's freedoms.

I'm done with keeping my mouth shut when I see, feel, and sense something that I recognize as wrong and incorrect, even though I know others might not acknowledge my point of view.

I'm off and over with people manipulating me through feelings of guilt or shaming me, and, in fact, using me through any kind of negative or positive emotions.

From now on, I'm going to respect my voice, my body, my appearance. I'm honoring my skills. I love my intuitions. I accept my quirks, knowledge, my senses, my intelligence,... and my glorious Soul.

I'm here to experience life, to live it, feel it, express my full potential.

My addiction to the instant gratification of being liked or un-liked and loved or un-loved is entirely and officially dismantled and expelled out of my garden.

I'm here to live and give out of my Soul's deepest yearnings.

I'm open to love.

I'm here for insane intimacy.

I'm open to be a channel of Beauty.

I'm done with shame and guilt-tripping around anything, be it money, love, sex, spirituality, my gender, an abundance, or lack of any kind. In fact, I'm gonna use words as money-love-sex-spirituality-abundance-joy-else... compulsively from now on!

I'm declaring to expel shame and guilt that make my Soul crawl, outta my garden, and I'm doing it for the highest good of all.

I dare to be too much.

I dare to be misunderstood.

I dare to be different.

I dare to speak words that you don't seem to understand.

I dare to sing in ways you hate.

I dare because I know in my womb I am provided in all ways, through time and space, on all dimensions of my Being.

In the highest good of all Beings, I entrust this manifesto to be carried out with joy, now and in all aspects of existence.

So it is.

So it is.

So it is."

Consider writing your own Soul Manifesto

Because writing a manifesto is a powerful act of intentional self-love.

Take some time. Get into the quiet space, filled with the splendor of your sensations, feelings, and thoughts. Intent to search for intimately un-negotiable and entirely desirable.

Search for absolute "no" - first, and absolute "yes" - later.

Do a ceremony.

Light a candle, lit the room, smudge the space.

Put on some music, preferably that of the most profound silence possible.

Take a journey deep, deep down into your womb (woman) or hara (man); this is a space where your soul resides.

Craft your manifesto from scratch.

First, check your wounds, your frustrations, what hurts. Check what fuels your rage, anger, and disgust. Check what you despise. Check so deep so you will find your absolute no.

Then, you will start to sense what matters.

What lights you up? What delights you? What nourishes you and what nurtures your Soul? What is it that you value? That is what you desire on your Soul level and this is where you life lessons are.

Soul Manifesto is about the non-negotiable. It is about what matters. It is the unapologetic in you... which you should use in tangible ways... in any and all areas of your life: from your bedroom to the FB groups you're hanging in, your corporative corner-offices and freelancing surf beaches.

First, write it all down. Then, read it aloud and remember to set a special tone of truth. Allow yourself to feel yourself, your Soul coming through your voice all the way. You need no witness. You are enough as you are; you are all you need.

Just speak it out, say it aloud.

After this ceremony, start using Soul Manifesto as your sacred script, as your spiritual ally, as your north star. In foggy mornings, and when you get lost in the woods, ask out aloud:

"What is it that I need to do - or not, to stay aligned to what I value?"

Remember your Manifesto. It will become your lighthouse. See, your emotionality, it comes and goes, acting as a wave. All the thoughts of your intelligent mind, they are unreliable and unstable. Yet your deepest values, anchored in your Soul, they always stay intact. They are reflections of your Soul, of who you really are.... beauty Divine, wisdom Divine,

love Divine.

If you don't feel this inside of yourself? Perhaps we should talk and see how to move your mountains.



In a nutshell

To write a soulful Manifesto, simply search for your un-negotiable and entirely desirable. Search for absolute "no" first, and absolute "yes" later. Write it all down, declare it, and make it happen in any and all areas of your life.

*Tina Božič is a mama, wife, and master energy worker, trained psychotherapist, and psychologist, with +20 years of experience in self-growth and healing. She helps ambitious women #witches to finally quit hiding, so they grow a sincere pleasure of being themselves, start making bigger waves while gracefully building well-deserved success in intimacy and business. Tina deeply believes life is all about Beauty, Sovereignty, and Love. You can reach Tina via tina@tinabozic.com or ask about options to work with her here. And, don't forget to subscribe to her notorious and very much loved Soul Letters right here! <3


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