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dark bora* and why you shouldn't listen to anyone. except your Soul

I cannot tell you how frustrated I used to be as a kid, by the seaside, spending the bluest summers you can imagine... and then, we were getting rain.... Endless rainy afternoons. Wild waves. Night storms. Cloudy skies, dark bora*, muddy grounds...

I still remember how disappointed and desperate I felt, imprisoned, spending time indoors when it was supposed to be sunny.

When it was supposed to be fun.

When I felt entitled...

to the endless summer of unspotted mind.

I'm not particularly proud of this... but this is also similar to how I've felt when #covid19 pandemic has blown up.

A frustrated, spoiled, and egocentric part inside of me was angry, furious... that "my life" has been all of the suddenly stopped, rearranged and changed... and it wasn't me that instructed the change #shadowworkforabossybitch

Now.... we all know this: the night follows the day. The sea is rising and falling. Clear blue skies are followed by cloudy ones. In the same manner...

... after every expansion, there comes a contraction. And after every contraction, expansion follows. All this is natural and organic. It's logical and predictable.

It's also observable, from cells to our emotions to human consciousness and... the global state of the pandemic.

People... if we step away from metalizing, get into our bodies and allow ourselves to feel, do we agree that contractions feel crappy?

That they are painful?

And they make us miserable?

As much as we would like to skip this step, and go straight into "love, light, and search of meaning"... can we admit, first and foremost, this global contraction happening right now...it really feels like a shitstorm?

Well, it definitely does it to me.


I think many of us are right now experiencing the state of loss and, in this context, a process of grieving. We are losing a sense of freedom, freedom to move, freedom to create, freedom to hug and touch each other. We feel as we are losing power, plans we had, scheduled events, services, business opportunities.

And, on top of it, there is this common strange trend to physically isolate.

Did you know to "isolate" has always been a feature of any trauma? (PS. you can read more about this here).

How we cope and how resilient we are in times like "these", it is highly individual. In any case, grieving is a process, and you can expect that we will all go through this sooner or later.

We are facing the loss each in our own way. Some with denial, some with anger, some with feeling powerless and depressed. Some with trying to take care of others beyond what is right for their own health (which is wrong), some with creativity and positivity that could be real as much as it could also be a part of the denial.

This is one huge global contraction for all of us. Some feel it more, some less. But what I'm saying is, we don't have to be afraid to feel it.

As we should embrace all of our feelings.

And choose to acknowledge, with grace and unconditional compassion, all the negativity inside and out.

This is not time to practice spiritual bypassing.

The shitstorm is real.

And shadow material erupting right now, provoked by the global pandemic, is real too.

Let's not try to bypass all this with "love, light, and search for meaning." We won't get a VIP seat in heaven for this. We don't have to pretend that we are "strong", "a leader," "a warrior".... someone that is not also losing a bit of her shit in all this?

You can be real.

It's ok to be real.

It's permitted.

In times like this?

It's a matter of integrity.

And honor.

This shitstorm, like every storm, will pass.

We both know this.

However, in the meantime, we should both stay real. Grounded, centered, embodied. We should listen to our own little voice, roaring from the depts of our being.

We should wash our hands, stay at home, and take a close listen. What is our little voice saying? Listen to it. Because beyond practical instructions about protecting the vulnerable and first responders? I think that beyond showing a high degree of responsibility and discipline and acting like mature adults? These days...

We shouldn't listen to any outside authority anymore.

It's time to go deeper into ourselves.

It's time to reclaim our inner authority.

If we want to get to our individual response to "all this", we simply cannot bypass our emotions. If we do that - and skip the dark bora, and all that it represents - we will find ourselves in the hall of mirrors, full of artificial, ungrounded and superficial spiritual fluff or plain apocalyptic negativity that has no substantial connection to the embodied reality of our human experience either.

For me, it is the same horror hearing people speaking about the "supreme gifts of corona", the "7th chakra that is opening collectively, because corona means crown in Latin" and "endless business opportunities in times of corona" as it is to hear spiritual teachers saying, this is surreal or listening to "professionals" saying this lockdown, it will tear apart even the best marriages, and we will see a rising number of divorces in a few months because being too close provokes even the best relationships #wtf

In this global contraction going on right now, I'm inviting you to keep your body-mind channel clear of stuck feelings, confusing thoughts, unjustified limiting beliefs.

In these days and weeks, so many people are re-evaluating their own paradigms, their own ways how they relate to the world and to themselves, to the freedom and boundaries future and past, surrender and control, to life and death... Polarities. I see some meet them with fear and deep anxieties. Then, the others, they seem to feel and sense a field of possibilities, opportunities and are literally catching a growth momentum of New Earth.

Whatever you feel, feel it. Speak out your worries, journal them, expose the darkness - this is the only way how we transform the shadows. I can guarantee you, our Souls are pulling us through this global karmic dark bora*, in directions rightly earned - if we let them.

You should listen within.

Because our Souls know, dark bora*:

  • it's the wind,

  • it has a spirit,

  • it has its own teachings.

And our Souls are willing to pass all the info, all the compassion, and all the love that we individually need. Seek your own intuitive and soulful teachings. Don't listen to anyone else. Stay grounded and real, listen tentatively inside, surrender to tour own deep truth and act in your rightful ways.

We are in a strong global karmic transformational twist - all of us. We are deeply faced with our own individual, ancestral and tribal fears and shadow material. There are forces in Nature teaching us solidarity on one hand, and then forcing us to turn inwards to reach deeper and deeper levels of inner authority.

Systems, as we know them - school, governments, health systems..., are giving us fewer and fewer reasons to rely on them. I'd say the #COVID19 crisis is the first of many energetic changes that will follow and force, not bring - but force - people in the deep quest for inner authority.

Yes, many of us are already building this modus operandi for years and decades, but now turning inwards won't feel like an option anymore - I think it will start to feel like a pure necessity to many more people as ever. Times ahead will call more and more of us to fully claim our own authority, stand our own Truth.

Times we breathe, they are not easy, but they are full of fire. And also crises, in general, they are not supposed to be undemanding. Yet, they are an absolute sine qua non of positive growth and evolution.

Sending much love,


In a nutshell

Chaos and unpredictability that are energetically present when (multidimensional) global structures are temporary dissolving (to re-organize on a new level) can be balanced in little, microlocal ways. With the opposite. With our individual inner and outer structure. The most powerful, potent part of our inner psychic structure is a connection with our Soul. The easiest accessible parts of our outer structure? Are simple daily and weekly routines. More of simple life we can embrace right now...more of a simple, uncomplicated structure can we allow... more gracefully we are surrendering to the mystery and the unknown. Go with ease, and go for plain, pure, simple and comfortable... as much as possible. This will help your ego and the whole body-mind to adapt to the massive energetic changes we are all going through on this beautiful Earth...right now.

* Bora is a strong, cold, dry north-east wind blowing in the Adriatic Sea; dark bora is a wind that comes with rain and cloudy skies. Point is, it's difficult to impossible to be outside when this wind blows.

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*Tina Božič is a mama, wife, and master energy worker, trained psychotherapist, and psychologist, with +20 years of experience in self-growth and healing. She helps ambitious women #witches to finally quit hiding, so they grow a sincere pleasure of being themselves, start making bigger waves while gracefully building well-deserved success in intimacy and business. Tina deeply believes life is all about Beauty, Sovereignty, and Love. You can reach Tina via tina@tinabozic.com or ask about options to work with her here. And, don't forget to subscribe to her notorious and very much loved Soul Letters right here! <3


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