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Observe yourself.

I bet that each time when you contemplate not explaining yourself and sticking to your boundary no matter what, there is a thought and then there is another idea and another intelligent belief...

In a context like this - not willing to explain yourself, sticking to a boundary no matter what - thoughts will be obsessively crossing your mind, and you will question yourself:

How dare you? Who do you think you are? Isn't that like... so wrong? So inhuman? You have NO heart...

Etc., etc., etc.

Bottom line, you will probably come to see yourself as a bit of a ... psychopath, an unempathetic and actually quite merciless little bitch.

But you know what?

Thinking exactly those thoughts - in a context like this - is usually a sign you have for sure some issues regarding your personal space and ability to keep yourself safe. It seems counterintuitive, but that's the way it goes - compassionate people doubt. They automatically (over)consider the perspective of the other. Consequently, they also need to put in a lot of work to sustain their personal space, defend some fundamental human rights.

On the contrary -people who are genuinely inhumane, they never-ever doubt. Like, not even a bit.

My message for you?

You need to become even better bitch.

Take my word on this ;)

Much love, Tina

*Tina Božič is a mama, wife, and master energy worker, trained psychotherapist, and psychologist, with +20 years of experience in self-growth and healing. She helps ambitious women #witches to finally quit hiding, so they grow a sincere pleasure of being themselves, start making bigger waves while gracefully building well-deserved success in intimacy and business. Tina deeply believes life is all about Beauty, Sovereignty, and Love. You can reach Tina via tina@tinabozic.com or ask about options to work with her here. And, don't forget to subscribe to her notorious and very much loved Soul Letters right here! <3


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