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Womb Alchemy

A good intimate relationship is like good dark chocolate. Bitter-sweet, always nourishing, rich in taste, satisfying. But we need to know much of it to take. And when to stop. 


Relationships are simple.

They are.

When we know how to create and sustain them.


People make them complicated. They always have their reasons for it.


The moment they realize that they alone make exquisite relationships impossible?


Things begin to change. Alchemy happens.

Exceptional relationships depend on how comfortable you feel in your own skin.


What kind of spell do you put on men?


- Erykah Badu



Womb Alchemy


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Womb Alchemy is here to liberate your personal Power in relationships

Because when you know who you are - and how to handle your Psyche, you are firmly and flexibly standing in your personal power. Personal power is magnetic. And it moves mountains in any and all relationships. Personal power depends on how well you: 


a) handle your own mind,

b) how grounded and embodied you are - energetically,

c) how connected you are to your Soul.


When are you going to combine all this? Nothing can stop you from living a life that's deeply right for you - in all areas of your life. Relationships included.


Joy? Ecstasy. 

Let's dive into the questions many dare not ask 

... and get you unstuck. In this program, we work very closely together over a period of four (4) months. The work is a combination of:


  • mentoring

  • deep healing work

  • your self-study.


You need to be willing to take the time to do the work. In this mentoring experience, I place special emphasis on helping you build a deep energetic feminine core through sacred womb work and heal remaining emotional-energetic issues that prevent you from feeling free in your relationships. You'll be supported to develop new actions so that you can anchor the energetic changes because that's the only way transformation happens.  All the work is done privately  - you and me, meeting regularly over six months (details upon application). We will kick off the process with your initial session intensive, and comprehensive soul reading and healing, which is a game-changer per se. Then, we will work online via audio and video calls.




Womb Alchemy is an integration of deep healing work and your continuous self-study

I've extracted this line of work from the best practices in countless therapy sessions and women's circles I've led over the years. I will help you energetically land in the deeply felt sense of your femininity and resume psychospiritual growth that's been limited or halted by social conditioning, trauma, a wrong kind of psychoeducation, or lack of attuned emotional support. Our trusting working relationship is the foundation of this journey.

How to apply?

1. Please send your application - below 

2. After I will review it, I will send you material about the program, so you are fully informed (informed consent is a technical and ethical foundation of any work done in my practice)

3. All the paperwork - contract and payment - will be done as quickly as humanly possible 

4. As soon as the paperwork is done, we get to the work!


This intensive mentorship is an investment in acceptable four figures (EUR); the price is available upon inquiry.

For whom is this program recommendable


I advise you to take this experience if you've ongoing struggles in relationships, and other healing modalities and traditional therapy didn't significantly help so far. This private mentoring intensive makes sense if your social role, professional position, or anything else prevents you from participating in healing women's circles due to your heightened need for privacy.

Application process

Please fill out the form below or write directly at All emails are coming directly to me. I will review the application and see if this work has the potential to be highly beneficial for you. You can expect my email in two to three business days (Mon-Fri), and we will take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

When would you like to begin your program?
Pure success :)
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Tina Božič works in private practice (est. 2009). She holds a B.A. in Psychology and European Diploma in Psychotherapy. She's a Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional, a qualified EFT practitioner, and has additional training in trauma recovery using EFT. She's also a Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Sacred Womb Practitioner. Her approach to working with the psyche is holistic and process-oriented, non-pathologizing, neurodiversity affirming, and trauma-informed. She is also a mum of two, sharing her life journey with her husband of almost twenty years.  


Womb Alchemy

You can release limiting narratives and embody your personal power so that you can feel loved and completely satisfied 

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  • So many of the struggles and pains you've been trapped in for years or lifetimes may disappear

  • You can live a happier, much more simple, and grounded life

  • Other people's thoughts and judgments will no longer significantly influence your moods or decisions

  • You can feel sexually liberated - without any fuss, extra effort or excessive drama


​Working through this program will help you gracefully dissolve past narratives that had hindered you in your intimacy. You will get a healing perspective to stories of lack or abuse from your past.​​ It will all come down to getting unraveled:

  • Whom you were taught to be...

  • Why you are afraid to show yourself as you are?...

  • Why you're afraid...

  • How you can release it...

  • What does your most passionate, wild, and creative life looks and feels like.


And how do you take action on everything we uncover? I will help you take fear head-on.

Taking action is the hard part.

That’s where fear screws us over and tells us it’s all in our minds - but it’s not. 

Fear is what’s in our minds. 

Fear shrouds our truths and keeps us small... and lonely.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Woman, let's do the magic.  


"The moment I entered Tina's space, I felt like I was at home inside, there was a sense of peace in the room and that feeling when you really feel welcomed and accepted. And that feeling wasn't only confirmed for me through the work, it built and grew. Tina has something that's very important to me about the therapist: she holds the space, doesn't judge, listens empathetically, expresses herself clearly, and speaks from my heart. All of this is a foundation for me to trust and engage in the process."