Seven Moons 
Customized, high-end mentoring program

Create, love, lead differently

Tine to Unravel

Quit being "good, but never enough girl" that Patriarchy could control

Recover your intuition, wit, magic and creativity 

There is a woman, swathed by all the earthly success she can imagine... and the love her soul longs for.

This woman resides within you. You can get to Her. You can move through the rite of passage to let go of all the parts and all the voices that keep you unsatisfied, feeling unloved.

In Seven Moons, your soul will shine.


In Seven Moons:

  • So many of the struggles and pains you've been trapped in for years or lifetimes may disappear

  • You'll live a happier, much more simple, and grounded life

  • Other people's thoughts and judgments will no longer significantly influence your moods or decisions


​Working through Seven Moons will help you gracefully dissolve past narratives that had hindered you in your growth. You will get a healing perspective to stories of lack or abuse from your past.​​ It will all come down to getting unstuck:

  • Whom you were taught to be...

  • Who you're afraid to show yourself to be...

  • Why you're afraid...

  • How you can release it...

  • What your most passionate, wild, and creative life looks and feels like...


And how do you take action on everything we uncover?

Taking action is the hard part.

That’s where fear screws us over and tells us it’s all in our minds. 

But it’s not. 

Fear is what’s in our minds. 

Fear shrouds our truths and keeps us small.

I will help you take fear head-on. 



 Seven Moons
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You know that success shouldn't make you feel frustrated, anxious, bitter, and endlessly lonely.

You know that you need to find the place that aligns your soul and the success you've already achieved in your life.
You're creative.
You're a force of nature on this earth.

But even lighthouses like you need to recalibrate...


And I will help you do exactly that... so that you can create, love, and lead differently. 

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Seven Moons is an integration of mentoring, healing work, and your self-study

1. Mentoring and healing work 

  • Initial session intensive 

  • Individual sessions evenly spread over the course of 7 moons

  • Comprehensive soul reading (optional)

2. Self-study 

  • Homework assignments

  • Individually tailored exercises 

3. Email support

Details discussed and arranged upon application.

Seven Moons is an individual mentoring program, integration of the most effective healing practices Tina has explored and tested over the past two decades applied in a unique way according to your situation. Working with Tina through Seven Moons will help you make creative changes in your life by providing consistent reinforcement to anchor new actions. All the work is done individually - you and Tina, meeting online.​

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Seven Moons is intended to liberate your personal Power in relationships

Genuine growth liberates personal power. Personal power depends on how well one handles her own mind, and that, in turn, utterly depends on how grounded, embodied, and neuro-regulated she is. And when you combine all that with the deep awareness of who the woman is at the soul level? Nothing can stop her - YOU - from living a life that's deeply correct... Joy? Ecstasy. 

Let's dive into the questions many dare not ask 


We work closely over approximately seven moons - around seven months. The work is a combination of mentoring and deep healing work. This is not a cookie-cutter program. It is structured and adjusted to your growth needs. You'll be supported to develop new actions so you anchor the energetic shifts because that's how transformation happens. We work online via audio and video calls. ​


This mentoring program is an investment in a minimum of five figures (USD / EUR). Details provided upon application. 


Please fill out the form below thoughtfully. All emails are coming directly to me. I will review the application and see if my way of work might be beneficial for you. You can expect my email in one or two business days, and we will take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

When would you like to begin your program?
Pure success :)
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"When a student is ready, a teacher appears. Sometimes we need that last push to finally align with the truth within ourselves. Tina is such a wonderful catalyst for everything you need to become aware of, to finally accept and love yourself completely. No compromises. This is by far the most beautiful and precious gift you can give yourself!"


Through Seven Moons, I help women resume psychospiritual growth that's been limited or halted by social conditioning, trauma, a wrong kind of psychoeducation, or lack of attuned emotional support. Our trusting working relationship is the foundation of this journey, and informed consent is a technical and ethical foundation on this voyage.

I passionately assist women in transforming inner and outer circumstances to move forward with their soulful intentions.

I'm a process facilitator - supporting your organic, psychospiritual growth is my skill, art, and expertise. As your mentor, I want to support you in creating the life that is deeply correct - for you. Mentoring with me works as a combination of healing, education, and coaching. 

Do you sense the potential of your Personal Power? And how this can change your relationships?