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We will uncover the impossible and create the rest.

Tap into the field of endless potentiality. 


Your Autumn Individual Intensive



Over the powerful and mystical autumn-winter period, we will build an intimate, intentional, custom-made container for the process of your rapid transformational work. In this alchemical holistic process, you will become mentally strong, emotionally flexible, and spiritually supported, and I will be your witness, your trusted confidant, and skilled ally. A journey won't be completely easy, but it will be completely worth it.

Please request the details: tina@tinabozic.com

"Being in touch with the soul has made me stronger and above all more responsible towards myself. It is my oasis, where I calm down, where I am exploring and letting myself dream the craziest dreams. Tina really perfectly combines a spiritual experience with knowledge of psychology - insights into setting boundaries, wounded female energy and inheritance from the primary family have been invaluable to me and have put many things into the right light."

- K., 2018

"I love working with Tina. And despite the fact that I personally prefer individual work, the work in the group is also invaluable. All doubts and fears about work in the group have already been dropped. Because of Tina, of course, because even when we go into the deepest parts of ourselves, she always gives a sense of security, support, and acceptance. Love it!"

- P., 2017

"The workshop was something unique for me. In a circle of precious, incomparably warm, and beautiful women, I experienced security, trust, and above all sincerity. I still feel and see each other individually, along with dear Tina. I took a great life gift from the workshop. I believe that I will be able to further strengthen relationships with my adult children in a healthy, genuine, and honest way."

- J., 2019


Gregorciceva ul.25

5000 Nova Gorica

SI - Slovenia, Europe

Serving Clients 



Monday: Study

Tuesday: Writings

Wednesday - Friday: Client Work

Holidays: Absolute must


Zasebna psihoterapevtska praksa in svetovanje Tina Bozic s.p.

Company Number 3516920000

VAT Registration Number SI76650839

Contact: tina@tinabozic.com

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