Process of deep deconditioning


Don't struggle alone, together we'll help you heal your inner pain so that you can move on with calm and clarity

I believe that we deserve to experience love and happiness that comes from a deep sense of connection with ourselves, other living beings, and the cosmos.


I also firmly believe that we, as also all living beings, have the right to prevent, protect ourselves or heal from the consequences of any unfavorable suffering. I believe there's an immense difference between psychological pain, which is an inevitable part of being human, and we eventually need to learn to transcend, and then the pain that's, in my view, literally inhumane and always stems from trauma.


So that's the core premise of my work. I help women overcome and heal the roots of the "unnecessary", inhumane emotional and mental pain so they can live their lives more freely and much more aligned to their spiritual essence.


Experience shows that through the sessions, we create a timeline for deep exploration, integration, intimate reflection, and healing work. Women discover a lot about what works and what doesn't work in their situation; they understand their story from a new perspective and find out tools, techniques, perspectives, and strategies to help them resolve (often) long-term issues that prevent them from living, loving, and leading your life from their unique, individual expression.


I’m here to help you find safe & practical solutions to your intimate struggles, that you can implement easily and feel confident, calm & creative all over again

  • Maybe your child is having a crisis and your world is collapsing out of crazy worry...

  • Perhaps there are conflicts with a difficult family member, getting out of hand and draining your energy?

  • Perhaps you are worried or miserable about your shape-shifting body (pregnancy and post-partum, perimenopause, menopause)...

  • Or you can't diet anymore, and don't know what to do instead?

  • You are trying to conceive a baby and you feel like giving up

  • You lost someone you've loved and grief seems overwhelming - pets included 🤍

  • Maybe you feel like you're not getting anywhere with your heartfelt business plans, staying in project you, well, "hate"

  • Or do you feel a restless emptiness that wakes you up at 3:37 a.m., feeling lost, with a mind full of worries about, like, everything? 

These are one of the most often reasons why women get in touch with me. You can turn for my assistance in a variety of situations where you feel kinda lost, sad, desperate, stuck, helpless, and confused about what is suddenly going on in your life. Try to hear the part of you that knows it makes sense to get professional help to sort things out. Keep in mind that, especially if you grew up with people who didn't feel and understand what's going on with you, you probably tend to hope for "better times," thinking "this will pass," "it could've been worse," and "I can wait a little longer." That was probably the experience of your childhood, and it could set up a pattern that prevents you from seeking adequate help for yourself later in life.

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heal the emotional wounds, clear access to your inner wisdom and inner authority

Connect. Heal.

"Solve one problem, and you keep a hundred others away"

In human life and in the human psyche, positive transformation happens through a mixture of ingredients:

(a) heartfelt human connection,

(b) emotional-energetic work, and

(c) intentional, meaningful action.


These are also the pillars of healing work in my practice. In our sessions, I bring in the best of traditional relational psychotherapy and then incorporate various energetic practices that support your transformation on an energetic level. In-between sessions, you do your work and nourish your conscious connection within - because "as within, so without". When your actions follow your deepest intentions, change is highly likely going to happen. 

My clients are often women in early adulthood (ages 22-35) and late adulthood (ages 36-55). When we meet for the first time, they share they're not doing very well, they are often working quite hard, taking care of everyone (and their dog, you know...), while struggling with moodiness, anxiety, panic attacks, self-doubt, soul-sucking conflicts and sleepless nights. I often collaborate with women who've always felt a little "different," perhaps a little weird and misunderstood, or who've felt pretty much on their own throughout their lives. 

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Your Application 

Because a well-formulated problem is half of the solution

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It's easy to get in touch with me. Please write directly or simply fill out the form below - it'll be forwarded directly to me.  All your interests, questions, and dilemmas are welcomed. You can expect my response within two to three business days (Mon-Fri).  Upon reading your application, I will invite you for 90 min introductory call, so we get to know each other and discuss what you would need in terms of inner work and the focus of our work. 

• A safe and confidential therapeutic relationship is the foundation of our work. We work together as long as you need. I'm a process worker. I follow your organic growth to the point where you feel satisfied with yourself, your life, and your progress.


• Frequency of sessions  We meet regularly. Sessions are held fortnightly for 90 min, or weekly for 60 min, for three (3) weeks in a role followed by a week of integration break.


• Fees  Your monthly investment is paid upfront at the beginning of each month for upcoming monthly sessions via bank transfer or PayPal. Fee details, including the introductory call, are available upon inquiry.

• Cancellation policy .A minimum of 72 hours' notice is required to cancel the session without charging for it.

• Sessions are held online  We use Zoom - video, or audio calls. 

When would you ideally have time for your sessions?
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