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"Every woman comes to the point in her life where she realizes that the time has come for a very special inventory - the inventory of her inside. Do I really live my life to the fullest? Am I aware of all my sources of power, or do I give them to others? Am I as loved as I deserve to be? What is my relationship with myself, my body? These are just a few questions that begin to open when you go on the most important journey - traveling to your own interior.


In the safe escort of Tina, you know that you can go farther and deeper than you dare to go yourself. The bindings that take place on these journeys are something special; it's hard to describe them, you need to experience them ... definitely, the best and richest travel that carries the power of healing transformation. I recommend from the heart."

- S., The Mother Wound Workshop (Summer 2018)

"Being in touch with the soul has made me stronger and above all more responsible towards myself. It is my oasis, where I calm down, where I am exploring and letting myself dream the craziest dreams.


Tina really perfectly combines a spiritual experience with knowledge of psychology - insights into setting boundaries, wounded female energy and inheritance from the primary family have been invaluable to me and have put many things into the right light."


- K., Loving Care for Oneself - Spiritual Bootcamp (Winter 2018)

"You're not the only one who feels irrelevant. But you are the only one who can eliminate this feeling. We all have wounds, we all face different fears, we all want to be loved. It takes courage and confidence in the process to work on it. Awareness that you are not the only one, that there are persons beside you who experience similar traumas like you, that they fight, gives you the added strength to insist because you are NOT ALONE. Life is all one big therapy."

- M., The Way of the Womb Workshop (Winter 2019)

"I love working with Tina. And despite the fact that I personally prefer an individual treatment, the work in the group is invaluable. At 1.0 all doubts and fears about work in the group have already been dropped. Because of Tina, of course, because even when we go into the deepest parts of ourselves, she always gives a sense of security, support, and acceptance. Love it!"


- P., 1-1 client, Loving Care for Oneself - Spiritual Bootcamp (Autumn 2017)

"Tina's workshop is difficult to talk about; it is the stopping of time and at the same time immersion into the mass of all the lines of women present at the workshop. Therefore, it can open internal spaces on all sides, opens the discovery of one's own unconscious, unrecognized, bulky content. It is the focus of intent - and the forgetfulness of fear. It's sincerity and support. It's another level."


- A., a 1-1 client, The Mother Wound Workshop (Spring 2018)

Love & Trust


"An exceptional workshop with an outstanding teacher. Deep, transformative, cleansing and liberating. For every woman who wants to live herself."


- P., The Way of the Womb Workshop (Winter 2019)

"Tina and her workshops are something you simply have to experience and feel. In the flood of all possible methods and therapists, a meeting with Tina  is a soul, heart and body balm."


- A., Loving Care for Oneself - Spiritual Bootcamp (Winter 2018)

"Getting to know myself and the woman inside me was an invaluable experience. To accept the past, it's making it easier to build the future, and who I am now."

- N., The Mother Wound Workshop (Summer 2018)


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