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tina, I'm stuck as fuck

"Tina, I'm stuck as fuck."

He's being just honest. No wishy-washy wordings. Pure and straightforward man with his vulnerable truth. The style which I love. As a super practical woman, I love simple, plain, straight. I don't enjoy decoration around the subject of truth. I think it jeopardizes its beauty. I prefer edgy to wishy-washy, and I have reasons for it.

From years of observing, I can tell you one thing: edginess and masculine kind of truth are both repelling.

Edginess and healthy masculine energies are repelling: to mosquitos. And people who don't get the concept of boundaries because they're not thrilled around acting as self-responsible adults.

When my Friend was stating his raw, straightforward masculine truth, I very much appreciated it. From this single fact, I immediately knew he was actually much closer to the Solution than his mind was capable to comprehend.

See, I know my Friend for a long time. Sometimes I help him, sometimes he helps me. On that particular occasion, working with him was especially easy. It went like this:

We say hello.

We agree we're in for a cup of tea.

We chat.

We move to the "issues".

We craft the intention.

We do energy work.

We talk again.

We drink some water, have some nuts.

We say good-bye.

My Friend's mood shifted as soon as we'd started to talk and get brighter as we set the intention. During our time together, his breathing deepened, his mind opened. He realigned to his Soul, literally. I know it was only a question of time. His willingness to shift and transmute another layer of pain to gain another level of freedom? It was evident he's on the mission.


Did you know?

Creativity block and mental health issues - they actually have the same origin. They are stagnations in the flow of our vital energy.

Feeling sluggish, in apathy, stuck? It is a natural consequence of this stagnation. Cause of stagnation is always a block - a fixed pattern of energy, in our body and mind, that makes us feel like we are running in circles - on the body, emotional, mental level.

Again and again, we see how stagnation in energy flow forms out of trauma residue.

Trauma can be a process or a single event. Trauma can happen in this lifetime, it can be tribal (ancestral), collective or karmic.

Important: we're never-ever responsible for the harmful acts of other humans. Yet, truth is, no matter what kind of injury we suffered, we are the only ones who have the spiritual right to work with the consequences we live with. Creativity blocks and mental health issues are arising from our trauma, our shadow material. And they are further sustained through our choices. This means we're taking actions that are pushing us further and further into the system of counter-clockwise, downward spirals. And as much as a part of us always dislikes hearing this? We are the only ones in our lives capable and equipped to turn those spirals clockwise. We are sustaining our creativity blocked and mental health issues in similar ways.

We are:

  • supporting them with restricted breathing patterns,

  • reinforcing them with a stream of endless self-defeating thoughts,

  • un-wise / un-healthy behavior always supports them,

  • and especially hanging in dysfunctional, aka toxic relationships/environments, makes them bloom.

To escape the gravity of determent, we first need to stop aligning our energy with the energy systems of others.

OK. All these attempts are unconscious. We respond to our childhood experiences, the family of origin, ancestors, the Collective, our own karmic. These alignments are not personal. It is how human beings operate. Partly, all this is emotional: we all want to belong. Partly, it is pure mechanics. We each have this specific openness, vulnerability, susceptibility for energies of our surroundings.

Yet in a certain point-time of our Soul journey, we receive the gift of Awareness. We open up for being conscious about our own Process. With his consciousness, it comes responsibility.

If we still act in ill-responsible ways and follow systems that are not aligned with what we need? Then we simply get ill, frustrated, aggressive, bitter, stuck.

So our multiple "symptoms" are only signs, sacred reminders. They are navigating us to get back to Ourselves. They are navigating us so we learn or remember how to follow our own inner authority - our own spiritual Essence. Which is day-to-day work.

It is much easier to keep aligning with Ourselves when we know ourselves. The more we know who we are, easier it gets. When we understand:

  • how our body works,

  • ego/mind operates, and

  • who we are on the Soul level...

... we get comfortable around ourselves. We relax. This knowledge helps us. It comes to us through:

  • attending our needs wants, desires, emotions, thought images, dreams

  • benevolent mirroring from people who we trust and who love us

  • endless experiments of trial and error

  • with helpful information, because good information either measurable or intuitive, it is priceless. And using the information for our own human transformation? Pure gold.

Fact is, we become Ourselves by repetition – physical, emotional, mental.

We become Ourselves through exercising our right to choose. Exercising is not about doing it once. Or twice. Becoming who we are is something we choose to do on a day-to-day basis. Then, one day, we actually do wake up. And we actually sense the pure joy of our cells. We know we are the one we've been waiting for and fighting for all this time.


If you are feeling stuck? Keep in mind this; is only an important step in getting even closer to Yourself:

Feeling stuck is always about incompletion. Stuckness is about stagnation, about water dammed. It's often about vitality that's been prohibited, even brutally executed.

Yes, someone else imposed this patter on you. Perhaps it happened many years ago, even many lifetimes ago. But luckily, right here and right now, you are the only one who can shift, change, and transform.

Just keep exercising your Right to Choose and never ever give up.



** Tina Bozic is a straight-edge lady in her 40's; a psychotherapist, psychologist, and energy worker. With her husband, their daughters and Bowie the cat she is currently living in Slovenia, serving clients worldwide. She's helping women to get radically empowered, radically loved. You too can subscribe to her e-newsletters by clicking right here.



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