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"Handle" your anxiety

Anxiety is a mild to severe energetic disturbance of body, mind, and soul. Culturally, it's one of the most reviled states of body, mind, and soul. And rightly so. It brings a lot of emotional suffering and mental confusion. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The most common misconception about anxiety is that anxiety is something so terrible that you've to get rid of it immediately, and by that I mean you try everything possible, from harmless to harmful, to control it and shut it down.

Shutting down anxiety often means approaching healing on a symptomatic level. It means to take something and do something that brings relief. This is not necessarily a wrong choice in certain situations, but we need to be thoughtful in what kind of situations we remedy with instant relief.

In many cases, anxiety can simply be radically accepted. In this case, the anxiety isn't pursued but consciously accepted. And for that to work, people need to understand what anxiety is in the first place and what the deeper meaning is, and how to deal with it differently without shutting it down.

Sometimes it's said that the cause of our anxieties is things we've not done; our sweet procrastination. That may be very true to some extent. In western society, we're all conditioned to function around the clock and do our best. This is a questionable program that runs deep in our "modern" psyche, it feels like it belongs to us, that we are the source of it, and it is eventually telling us that we're worth as much as we can achieve.

We either are not aware of this program or we simply believe it's right only to behave accordingly.

It's not easy to separate ourselves from our own ideas about who we're, should be, or should become.

Of course, we rarely succeed in doing it all or even our best around the clock, but then we feel guilty about not doing it, which continues the program and makes us feel crappy. Crappy includes lots of "modern" states of body and mind - dieting, compulsions, depressions, nightmares, emotional exhaustion and meltdowns, frustrations, and the queen of it all, the anxiety.

Anxieties, whether specific or generalized, show themselves in various forms and expressions, but frankly, they aren't particularly creative. They tend to have limited-expression and are often pretty similar.

When I talk to new clients - they often come in for overt or covert anxiety, they usually notice a tightness in the chest, trembling muscles, racing heart, troubling thoughts, feelings of paralysis, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and general restlessness.

If we look more closely, we very often find conflictual current relationships or past traumatic experiences eroding the level of self-confidence and self-awareness. Sometimes the (additional) source is a hormonal imbalance, food regime, sleeping regime or all these factors combined. That's it, nothing spectacular, rarely spectacular, honestly.

Anxiety has its purpose. We don't have to judge it as bad, nor do we've to judge it as good, because feeling it's very difficult. Instead, we can look at it from a practical perspective.

Anxiety is one of the most intelligent tools our Soul is utilizing to communicate to us.

If we could hear the Soul, she would probably say something like this:

"Hi, you. What's been going on lately? What thoughts have you been thinking lately? What kind of folks are you hanging around? Food... what are you restricting in any way? Do you get enough sleep? Any cigarettes, late-night, or early-morning drinks? How is your sex life? Are you satisfied? Are you happy? How are you dealing with people lately? Something difficult happened to you?"

Tell me, what're you doing to yourself lately? What stories, beliefs, and people are you hanging on to lately?

What's the nasty inner chatter you've? What part of you says you're incapable and if you haven't made it so far, you never will? What's going on in your life?

Anxiety doesn't come out of thin air. It always comes with an energetic background and a specific entry point. Its point of entry is scripted from a soul level as it comes with the invitation to help us open the sacred gate so that we can become even more conscious beings.

Key tip on handling anxiety? We don't handle anxiety.

Instead, our intellect must understand what's going on in our system and make a supersensible sense of it. In parallel, we've to make the transformation on the emotional-energetic level too.

This is then the way that (a) helps remove the unbeneficial, residue anxiety from our energy system, (b) we can use our baseline human anxiety that is naturally present as a means to grow our consciousness further.

Handling anxiety with trying hard to shut it down is really not a wise option. Coping with anxiety can only be a temporary solution. In the long run, to make sustainable changes in our lives, we eventually need to address the deepest causes of anxiety. We never achieve this by treating symptoms. We always do this through precise inner work.

Deep inner work, dedication, persistence, and a willingness to listen deeply to expand our awareness is what works in the long run. Sometimes, this is a marathon, sometimes, it is a sprint.

With my clients, we approach anxiety through regular therapeutic conversations and inner parts work, somatic self-help techniques, energy work, shamanic healings, and, when appropriate, soul-level work. Typically, I also recommend Bach flower therapy, picking up the combinations that vibrationally support my clients along their journey.

Anxiety can be healed, and it should be approached with care. A certain amount of anxiety is always present in the human psyche. To me, it's a basic energetic tension of consciousness embodied in a mortal body. Any anxiety that's distilled down to the prefactors is ultimately the fear of death and dying, and thus a possibility of birth and rebirth. Experiencing anxiety is an important step in our development as conscious beings and forces us to become even more real and soulful.

In a nutshell

Anxiety is not bad. It's not good either. It's one of the most intelligent tools our soul uses to tell us, "Look, become a little more whole. This is your chance to become more real, more authentic, more yourself." The most important tip for dealing with anxiety? Radical acceptance, followed by energetic healing. Don't take the attitude of rejection. That makes anxiety even louder and after the temporary relief, you feel even more uncomfortable. Do not use drugs, alcohol, sex, food to numb it down. Instead, explore yourself, know thyself. Unlearn rejection. Learn to accept.

About Tina

Tina Bozic is a mom, wife, skilled practitioner, psychologist, and psychotherapist with more than two decades of experience in self-development. She helps women to own who they're on the level of their soul. Her approach is process-oriented, relational, holistic, non-pathologizing, trauma-informed, and neurodiversity-informed.