How to connect with your Soul? #tip

First, a little philosophical background. Life is quite simple - in its most basic features. There's a path of love and fear. Accordingly, in the structure of the psyche, there's the way of the soul, our divine, immortal spiritual essence... and then there are many paths of the wounded human ego. Everything that's alive lives in connection with something else, and so does the presence of our soul. Our soul responds to our intentions and literally comes alive within us. The way of the soul is simple. To walk on it, the basic rule is, that we want to make a conscious connection with the soul. This way we bring it alive, into our consciousness, and we can use it as our ultimate spiritual resource.

There are several ways we can connect with our soul, but whether one tip is enough? Every time we focus our loving attention on the energetic-emotional space below our neck, we start to nurture a deep, genuine and conscious connection that comes directly from our soul throughout our body.

This is the most important thing that you need to know about the soul #tip:

You need to be intentional and keep the focus on the body. Because the energy of the soul comes into our consciousness through the body and builds up from there until it reaches a symbolic level. The soul energy always lands in our life on an energetic-emotional level, and this level is body level, and that's where our mind can start to "pick it up".

Also. We can very well feel the energy of the soul and then interpret it correctly with our healthy, cooperating, "functioning" ego parts, which only means that we're able to interpret the often intangible signals of the soul in harmony with the rest of our inner and outer reality.

There are different ways we approach the interpretation of soul signals; each of us has individual and unique approaches, and we need to find them on our own. However, we can only make valuable interpretations if we've enough free ego power that's not wired into our bodies by traumatic anxiety messing up our body-mind. For if we've too much traumatic energy stored in our body, we usually don't know how to connect with the soul, or we've blocked the ability to interpret the soul's messages.

We're all disconnected from our physical reality to some degree, or at least have the neurological potential to disconnect. But any information not connected to felt, the experienced fact is pretty useless and doesn't lead to reasonable satisfaction, fulfillment, or peace of mind. When we're not connected to our body, we cannot access our soul's signals or misinterpret them. Consequently, if our energy isn't grounded in the body, the mind isn't grounded either, and we remain mentally oriented instead of experiential, which is fully alive and "real".

Soul affairs

So this all goes with Soul too. Soul's energy needs to be experienced through the body. This is how we know for Soul to be real. It is experimental knowledge, we gain through practice, practice and practice. After all, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going, right.

Some believe souls can be wounded, disfigured energetically, fragmented. In my experience, our souls cannot be wounded. But our connection to the soul can be severely damaged. And in my experience, there are no soul parts that are ever really "missing" or away. It's only we don't have an access to them. And we don't have access to the soul, because our human ego and physical body with all its energetic bodies are saturated with the parts that are traumatized and the energy of trauma.

The role of silence

The way of love is to learn to quiet our mind and then listen, with absolutely no expectations, to our feeling centers deep inside our womb•belly-hara•heart area.

Our bodies are antennas. They convey a plentitude of information, our souls' influx of energy, vibration, and frequency included. Our wants and needs, feelings and emotions... chatting and chanting as they all come together in a symphony that's often cacophonous, and yet it leads us closer to our souls. What we so often need is to be very still in our minds and then listen. Without silence, we cannot perceive all these signals. Especially when our ego is still young and needs to be trained to listen and not lead, silence is the medicine of choice. Medicine. Silence is an act of radical acceptance. And any change or even transformation begins with respect and radical acceptance. This is also true for creating a soulful life, which is a life of authenticity and realness. To create a soulful life, we need to get out of our own smart way. This often means we need to continue with simple, radical practices of love that we know. If these don't work, we need to heal wounded parts inside that are standing in our way between ourselves and our souls.

The role of emotional or psychological pain

As we work another layer of our soul into our daily lives, we always encounter pain and resistance. Things go the opposite of what we expected or wished and desired, and psychological pain signals us presence of our wounds, or, to put it differently, of our wounded, traumatized parts.

Psychological pain, in its many facets, can be our sacred ally. It has a function, a reason. Now... question is, how willing are we to listen? And how well are we able to decode the message?

Sometimes it's so difficult to get to the bottom of our inner signals. We can get very confused by wild emotions and all the worries, fears, obsessions/addictions, compulsions, depression, loneliness, frustration, and even psychosomatic illnesses. It's not that easy to decode what is really going on inside of us and make a sense of it. Experience also shows that no matter how much inner work we've already done, it can still be often difficult to see the big picture, to look beyond immediate appearances in our life... sometimes we all need help.

The point of inner healing

The untold secrets and hidden emotional wounds can and do stop us from creating life un-wasted. This can and should be changed. I'm sure we can stop being the girls that Patriarchy could control. Healing our insides, our psychological wounds, our traumatized parts, it is not about meditation, breathwork, bodywork, womb work, soul work, shadow work, archetypes work, inner child work, voice dialogue, energy psychology, chakra healing, mindfulness, tapping, journaling, shamanic journey, psychotherapy... you name it.

These are strategies.

Healing is not a strategy of any kind. It is a process of embodying our humanness, which is defined by states of connectedness, and natural intimacy that follows...

Human healing is always about relationships, and making connections - both inward and outward. For example - relating to your soul. Connecting with your soul. Actively and intentionally seek its presence and guidance. Healing is an act of love. It is about letting in the light, to all of the dark places, full of energetic dust, emotional mold, mental toxins... trauma.

To heal, we need consciousness, awareness, and willingness to do the work of transformation. Psychological healing is possible, it can be completely safe, it is something we deserve, and desire and it is happening when we choose it to happen. Radical practices of healing are always acts of love. They are precisely those that radiate a possibility of stronger connectedness - within and without. And in my opinion, a connectedness with our Soul is one of the most important connections we can have in our lives.

When we practice this will for connectedness, alchemy takes place and the path of fear inevitably dissolves.

We eventually get it - the way of love. We are suddenly embraced in this path of love. And it often happens after all the hope was lost.

In a nutshell

The soul's energy comes into our awareness through the body; the soul's energy always lands on an energetic-emotional level and this is where our mind can eventually "pick it up." We need to learn how to listen to unravel ourselves, reclaim inner authority, and stand our own truth. The soul is not a metaphysical concept. The soul, it's not a noun: "The soul is a noun, a verb, and an adjective." Soul is huge and vast, it is overwhelming - it's fully alive, fully present, fully complete, and fully available for us to connect.

* Tina Bozic is a mother, wife, psychologist, and psychotherapist. She helps women feel comfy and cozy within their bodies, say what they want to say, and have great sex and intimacy with their men.

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