Psyche, soul and deep inner work

A particular moment in Life seems to come when we suddenly get on a trajectory plotted by living.

Somehow, no one knows why really; life pushes us into distinctive peculiar moods, circumstances unimaginable. The whirl of inner transformation becomes a fact, a non-negotiable.

Suddenly, we must learn to swim tirelessly. We must know and master relationships with ourselves and others. We face and then study frustration, discomfort, and even pain in many shapes and forms.

Our relationships, thoughts, and feelings become deeply integrated within our Selves; consciousness knits them together. We learn to care for ourselves and to love other living beings appropriately without depending on them to unhealthy proportions.

In this vortex of change, we learn a lot as we grow. Hopefully, we will discover how to listen deeply to what needs to unfold next while letting the mind dictate what we should or shouldn't do. We discard obligations that make no real sense and duties that we cant feel deep in our cells. It's a form of wild freedom when we stop being guided only by the goals of being admired by society and being successful. Instead, we begin to set our standards by first becoming respected and successful ourselves.


Technically, Psyche is the totality of all human emotional-energetic processes and structures that affect the body and mind, both conscious and unconscious. I doubt that the transformation of Psyche ever happens purely by chance.

The transformation of Psyche seems always seems to be initiated invisibly.

Similar to the beautiful myth of Psyche, a dramatic turn occurs, perhaps amid planetary transitions, karmic levies, the Mystery, and the unexpected. The cosmos mysteriously begins to dance within and around us, bringing us to the brink of transformation. Archetypally, this movement often occurs through a sacrifice; typically, it's the loss of a relationship, an asset, ideals, health, plans, standards, or otherwise.

Deep inner work is our great turn to the depths of Psyche. Our private response to The Call of Awakening is a genuine phenomenon when the set of cosmic circumstances shakes our ego mind, our belief system, and our story.

People often describe this shattering as waking from a dream, as a dissolution of illusions. From my own experiences, I was 16 when it happened to me, I know we often feel pulled into a dark-night journey, an involuntary traverse to the meanders, jungle, caves, and pitfalls of our Psyche.

Eventually, and hopefully, this becomes a labor of Love. Ultimately, this way, we get very much close to our Soul.


I imagine the universe as a highly organized and structured event. However, this doesn't mean that I, as a mortal human with minimal emotional-cognitive abilities, can come even close to grasping the essence of this "event." Of course, I can't.

There's much incomprehensible in the universe. I like to entertain in this incomprehensible is where chunks of Mystery reside. To me, Mystery covers anything that my mind cannot comprehend and that I cannot put into words, yet it is a glance of the complexity of this life that I can sense, intuit or feel with my whole being.

I believe even the Mystery has a purpose. I think nothing happens by chance in this space/time, and everything has its structure and dynamics, Mystery included. I'm not saying that everything that happens is essential for us; far from it. But what I am saying is, that there are laws and order to everything in this universe, from cells to galaxies to the human Psyche and

the soul.

We're spiritual beings in physical bodies living on the third-dimensional physical plane. There's a life force that animates our physical bodies. This force is ever present, yet it enters cells in a material reality at a certain time-space. It also has a specific role in our lives. We can call it the life force or vital force, the energetic essence of conscious Life itself.

There seems to be a multileveled set of connections between the life force and the ability to shape our human experiences consciously. One of them is, or so it seems, that the more vital force we've available to us, the greater our ability to consciously shape - create - our human experiences.

Like any force, the life force has a point of origin, a direction, and a magnitude.

We receive life force from the unified field of consciousness (God, the Divine) through our unique divine soul blueprint - which is basically what we then call "soul."

Understanding that we align with our divine soul blueprint through our choices on the third-dimensional - physical level of our experience is essential. This then defines the magnitude of the life force and our ability to shape our human experiences: our choices.

The actual, tangible choices we make determine the magnitude of life force we source from the unified field of consciousness. More life force, more consciousness, more life force.

People often overlook that the choice always takes place at the action level. When we make a particular choice - when we do something or avoid it - this affects our entire divine soul blueprint.

And when we make a choice aligned with our Soul, a slice or a waterfall of vital life force opens up and gives us an influx of consciousness and energy in our lives. Because the soul is naturally vibrationally abundant, the result of a soul-aligned choice is always energetic abundance, which translates into plenty on the level of love, time, health and vitality, money, fulfillment in relationships, etc.

We can always make either fear-based or love-based choices.

Fear-based choices are so-called shadow choices (negative ego-choices, if you will), which interfere with the flow of our life force throughout our being. They often arise from the past, the unhealed trauma. Love-based choices are soul-level choices, and they positively affect our ordinary lives, bringing enoughness and abundance and retroactively affecting our entire divine soul blueprint.

The divine soul blueprint isn't set in stone; it's a living, dynamic event and just as predetermined as, for example, our physical body. It has specific predetermined characteristics, and then there's a massive window of opportunity in which we can consciously influence it through the choices we make in this life.

Deep personal work aka deep inner work

  • Knowing the essential characteristic of our immortal, divine Soul...

  • Doing the necessary emotional-energetic work (which is often trauma work) ...

  • Making soul-level choices...

This combination is a matter of deep inner work - profound healing, and transformational work.

Deep inner work is about unraveling layers upon layers of our conditioned self to understand and live, experience our soulfulness, our divinity.

Deep inner work is a process. The goal of deep inner work is ambitious and straightforward: the integration of Soul, mind, and body. It's a sacred matter of the Soul. Like all matters of the Soul, it's only the experimental, gnostic goal of experiencing our aliveness and uniqueness outside any predefined, measurable, tangible parameters. Deep inner work is about a mortal human becoming increasingly embodied, conscious, and ensouled, complete, and expressed in its individual divinity. Deep inner work is basically about reclaiming our personal power.

Deep inner work gives much, but it also demands much. It's very naive to expect a consequence of bliss and to eliminate difficulties and struggles from the equation. Because that's the essence of human transformation: it's labor. It's work. There are no shortcuts and no instant solutions; it's a waste of time to even dream about them. You're likely to be disappointed.

Not sharing this to brag.

Years ago, receiving my soul-level healing was a giant-subtle turning point in my spiritual evolution. First, this healing was about giving Tina, raised in a scientific paradigm of logic and reason, full permission to take the Soul for granted, as a fact, as a force of nature, as non-negotiable, as given. Second of all, it surprisingly led me to the following steps on my private and professional life journey, helping me become genuinely alive, and breaking the oppressive spells of patriarchy, making me "good, but never enough."

It's been a challenging but satisfying inner work and profound transformation that reflects in my self-esteem, how I create and approach people, and what I give and receive in my personal life and at work.

Thanks to soul-level healing, I live with a gentle and firm awareness of my Soul. I know it's everywhere: my cells, tissues, and body. I also know that with every choice I make - a choice rooted in Love - I'm more and more myself, living and expressing my true essence. I find that particularly fulfilling.

I'm not telling you this to brag about how cool I'm, even though I'm as cool as you and all of us are. I'm also not stating that if soul healing helped me, it'd help everyone, and everyone can benefit from it because that's not even close to accurate.

I'm telling you this because I want you to know that if you don't feel well after all the healing work you've done, there's a reason for that. Something is missing is often, Soul is missing.

Do you have a deep desire to live as you're, and express yourself to your fullest?

If the answer is yes, please, honor that desire. Start making good choices and get professional help to get on the soul track of your magical sled. Something very soulful will eventually start to grow. The potential for it's already in motion, deep within you and all around you - otherwise, you wouldn't be here reading things, words, and codes about Soul, Psyche, and deep inner work.

Do you feel the movements of truth deep inside you? Listen. And honor and respect the sacredness of your desire. It all starts with a desire.

Keeping the sound of your depths is the most critical, decisive moment in the process of consciously creating your own remarkable life.

The process of consciously creating a sustainable, fulfilling, soulful life requires not only being aware of your Soul and how it operates, but it also comes with some conditions within your Psyche.

This is why many people try to build a conscious life, and yet they struggle very much. This is an unpopular opinion, yet conscious creation it's a complex affair. It demands a person to have a multiverse of requirements. Like a stable, solid inner witness - the Observer. Good grounding. Fluent connection with one's body, feelings, and emotions. The ability to integrate energetic internal states and thoughts onto a symbolic level. And much more.

All this corresponds to a relatively high degree of energetic self-mastery. And this mastery isn't developed by reading self-help books, watching documentaries, and webinars. It also excludes any dependencies and constraints. It only spreads through dedicated inner work, live and experimental, where you allow "the flow" within you to happen and take you so you can finally take yourself.

The more you know your psyche, the more you understand your soul, the more fulfilling it becomes, and the transformation, inevitable as it may be, becomes a graceful, fulfilling adventure.

In a nutshell

Deep inner work is a holistic affair. It surpasses a shelf of self-help books, a meditation, lit candle, a tarot spread, and encouraging Instagram infographics that hopefully won't hurt. Deep inner work requires a sincere inventory of our lives and, very, very often, the unpopular change in our lifestyle. We change our lives - not only by observing, sitting on a meditation cushion, making shifts in mindset, endlessly "cleaning up" limiting beliefs but through tangible, meaningful action that reflects our divine, immortal Soul.

**Tina Božič is a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice, a women's issues professional, practicing holistic, energy-based psychotherapy.


Through my heretical lens, I look at the practical and archetypal struggles of women next door in their 30s, 40s, and 50s and offer tips on how we can pull ourselves out of the shit to live our fair and just visions. Medicine lies in the Wound. Healing doesn't have to take ages, and you don't have to do it alone. I'm a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

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