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It was in autumn 2016. Weird times, let me tell you... I've been thinking about that thing for a week and another week and then another week and a whole weekend. To do it or not? To do it or not... You know, like when we were kids, pulling leaves from the tiny daisy, asking in the OCD style - does he love me or not?

(Daisies are merciless, the answer is always no).

After one week and another... and a weekend, I jumped in.

I was so anxious.

I was thinking that something is entirely wrong with me. I'm being so unprofessional. So naive. So delusional. And that choice I finally made up is the very last proof of my insanity. So far, I've been successfully hiding my weirdness, but now, it's official. I'm losing it, fucked up, and my mind indeed went bananas...


Did I survive my own choice?

Did I die in my own anxiety accompanying that choice?

I thrived.

Fact is, if you've ever done anything that is out of your intensely mediocre everyday box, then you know anything New is always met with resistance. Our mind is such a clever little bitch, isn't it? I love it. It always comes up with the most straight to the point objections that have the most significant chance to make an impact of stopping us from making the New.

Getting to know my own Soul into details, it was my turning point in my intimate spiritual evolution.

The inner shift has been made on a super subtle energy level, and the integration of reading has been months long, and it still runs, more than three years later!

Finding out all that is possible to find out with the human mind about my Soul, it was also about diving into complete mental permission for taking my Soul as a fact, as a force of nature, as non-negotiable, as given.

I know my Soul is fully embodied now.

If you ask me who I am, I know who I am. I feel it, I embody it. I understand why I am here, and I know the pleasure is all about embodying the truth of who I am. Where did I use to store toxic beliefs and clusters of energy that were not even mine? I am now all over the place, which are my cells, the body, my energetic fields.

My Soul has now anchored fully in my body also with a massive help through the process of sacred womb work, which is another part of the story of me as a woman and a healer...

But the point is, this all kicked off with one fucking intuitive reading.

For which I was deciding for a week, another one and some more... like preschool kiddo.


I'm not sharing this to brag about how cool I am. I feel to share this because I want you to take this chance and learn about your own Soul. Because there are ways how we can become fully alive, which is fully embodied and utterly complete in this lifetime.

If you have this Deep Desire to become Who You Are and express yourself in this lifetime, and if you honor this Desire?

Something will grow inside of you. Because it is already moving, deep inside of you and all around you.

You are ready.

Stop resisting and start using your beautiful mind for planning your next step into the future you desire. It all begins with your desire. Your secret desire. Even though you think it is stupid, unachievable, the irrefutable proof of your insanity.

Do you think I'm insane?

I don't think I'm insane.

But I do know my Soul really well.

And yes, I do talk with her daily.

Honor your secret desires. Your desires are the most crucial point in any process of creation / manifesting.

I want you to Flourish ... too.

Much love,


** Tina Bozic is a straight-edge lady in her 40's; a psychotherapist, psychologist, and energy worker. With her husband, their daughters and Bowie the cat she is currently living in Slovenia, serving clients worldwide. She's helping women to get radically empowered, radically loved. You too can subscribe to her e-newsletters by clicking right here.


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