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holistic psychotherapy

women I work with


I observe that women with whom we collaborate are driven by a need or desire to delve into their inner space, explore their selves, broaden their perspectives on their relationships, and engage in the healing work.

During healing sessions, we work on specific issues you bring to the sessions. These sessions serve as gateways into more profound reflections about the currents of your life.


We take time for everything you feel willing to speak; we heal anything that shows up and is ready for healing. 


I work with women who are responsible, open, honest, and sincerely interested in self-discovery. Through holistic psychotherapy and healing work, they grow, heal, learn, discover, gain, or find out...

  • A deeper level of (self)love and (self)compassion.

  • New shades of intimacy in their relationships.

  • Non-negotiable firmness in protecting their personal space and time.

  • Radical acceptance of the body and physical.

  • Safety in the wisdom of their emotional currents.

  • Trust in the cycles of creativity.

  • Presence of their uniqness - soul.

healing work

Holistic psychotherapy is a thing. I don't believe in "symptoms." I instead see the fractal universe and interconnectedness of body, mind, soul, relationships, and anima mundi, "the soul of the world."


what I know

Well-kept secrets and still-bleeding emotional wounds would stop anyone from moving forward. Ghosts from the past hinder women's intimacy, business, creativity, art, and sheer joie de vivre. 

I also know that the better you understand yourself, the fewer unresolved unconscious conflicts you hold, the more comfortable you feel in your body, the less trauma residue in your energy field, and the closer you are to your Soul... the easier it becomes to create a genuinely soulful life.


Every expansion in life demands a stretch of consciousness. It also invites you to heal what needs to be healed. The more you resist, the more complicated it gets, and you will notice this from feeling progressively worse.



where do we start

First, we have the initial 60-minute conversation to clarify what you need, how I can help, and what we can do together so that you can manifest your intentions.  


Most frequently, with my clients, we start to work with one of these "intro" issues:

  • completing story regarding the family of origin (trauma leftovers, boundaries work, codependency recovery), 

  • resolving intimacy issues with themselves and others (emotional literacy, communication, past sexual trauma intruding with the current relationship, self-image issues, self-worth challenges)

  • setting up their full feminine autonomy (support when they are creating financial independence through creativity and business ventures, resolving self-image issues, and self-worth challenges)

  • going through pregnancy and early motherhood (issues of bonding, handling anxiety, overcoming guilt, self-doubts)

  • mothering kids and teens (learning to let go and working through separation issues; neurodiversity)

  • navigating perimenopause and menopause (changing body and needs; attuning to renewed cycles of creativity; facing the fear of illness, aging, loss, death, and dying; taking care of family needs and elders, etc.).


Naturally, after you start working with me, we always set and follow your goals/intentions while staying open to the gifts and mysteries of the Process.


I offer open-ended therapy work,  which means we stay together and work for as long as you need.


how to book an initial online consultation 


We first arrange an initial online consultation. Please send your inquiry here. 


You will bring your challenging points to the session and get a sense of how it is to be with me and how it feels to share what you sense, feel, and think with me. Through honest talk, we will determine whether we are a good fit to support you on a deeper level. 


Calls are usually via Zoom, and the option is also Skype. 


After your inquiry arrives, I will send you informed consent, packed with essential info, with a fee included; I offer no free sessions. You can expect my response in 2-3 working days, Monday through Friday. All your messages come directly to me; I'm the only person reading them. 



In my work, I integrate a psychodynamic, body-oriented psychotherapy frame with a trauma-informed approach complemented by various tools from energy psychology and womb work to support your evolution.  

my belief

I know that our core spiritual essence, the Soul, is an active force that comes into her presence through our bodies. The body is a vehicle and a temple, as we receive all information, healing, and transformation through it. However, we also need to use our minds correctly, so we can support the anchoring of our Soul.

20 years +

I'm all into creating confidential, supportive, inspiring healing spaces. Each time I sit with my clients, I bring to the session my compassion and lucidity coupled with over 25 years of professional education, 20 years of clinical practice, countless hours of inner work, and probably lifetimes of healing and personal experiences.

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