Individual Therapy

In order to get you completely back on track in your intimacy and relationship with yourself, we are going to look deeply into what's going on. In your inner & outer life.

We will address and heal the root causes of your conflicts, frustration, emotional pain. We will facilitate the shift of exactly those parts of your inner life that need to transmute and transform in order for you to feel whole, vibrant, satisfied.

Your Soul Design

In this universe, everything is higly structured. So it's our Soul. Understanding how our Soul is designed helps us make new, positive, soul-aligned choices.

When we are more and more living according to our Soul energy centers and staying connected to our vital force energy in our day-to-day life, through hundreds and hundreds of choices, life starts to transform and eventually becomes truly Soulful.



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SI - Slovenia, Europe

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Wednesday - Friday: Clients

Saturday - Sunday: Family, Workshops

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