Your Soul 's Map

People imagine Soul as something abstract, intangible, and esoteric. Nothing could be further from the truth. Find out the key characteristics of your Soul so that you can use your most unique spiritual resource and make intelligent decisions


We create reality by our choices. Choices are always made on a level of action. Just as we cannot conceive a child if we only think of sex, we ultimately can create all our lives intentionally, by what we do - not by wishing, desiring, or thinking. These are prerequisites for action, but only conscious action brings us closer to a conscious life that's exceeding the many limiting beliefs and unbeneficial habits that have been unconsciously instilled in us by growing up in our family, and society.


When we realize that not doing things we know need to be done, sinking into a 100-mile-deep hole of despair over the weekends, getting mad at ourselves for eating a cake or "not following a plan", being afraid of what "they will say", undercharging, hanging out in crappy relationships...

... is perhaps shaped by not pulling choices that are actually aligned to our Soul - to whom we really are as beings Divine? 


Something shifts inside. It affects our thinking, our feelings, and our energy. What was unbearable before suddenly begins to make sense. What seemed impossible now feels either a complete waste of time or completely doable. I had this experience with myself, and I've observed this with my clients since 2017 when I started offering these comprehensive soul readings. To put it simply?

This comprehensive Soul Profile Reading could be the missing link for you to accept yourself in a very deep way. You too can finally stop doubting yourself, so that you keep creating intimacy and a career with a different kind of self-confidence.

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GET stable in the age of tectonic energetic shifts

Medicinal Soul Reading

In collective times like these, to stay inwardly free, you need exceptional self-awareness and a healthy boundary to the rising chaos of the human collective • For this, it is wise to know who You are on the soul level 

Soul Profile Reading is a healing experience and intuitive reading combined. First, your subtle energy system is realigned with your divine soul plan. Then, you receive a detailed flow of information about the nature of your soul. After an empowering, in-depth intuitive consultation with me, you'll leave with a crystal clear awareness of the nature of your soul. Determining your innate divine strengths and weaknesses and clarifying strategies for making decisions in your life 24/7 will help you approach life differently and act from your natural personal power. This reading will open your inner eyes and show you how powerful, capable, and unique you actually are.


INTUITIVE reading & healing

Recognize your gifts and talents and heal your uneasiness with compassion, in a deep and profound way

I observe that before coming to Soul Reading, my clients often had a difficult life experience or harsh period of life that plunged them into a deep need, a longing to change their lives for the better, to expand their consciousness, and become more expressive, more present, more loving.

When they "accidentally" find out that it's possible to find out who they're on the soul level, they usually know immediately that this is the information they seek. They feel a deep, silent "yes" in their body, or they begin to feel a surge of vitality and excitement that they can't even logically explain why is happening. Sometimes synchronicities occur, and even if it takes them a few days to come to terms with the decision to book a session, they basically know


time is now.


I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone who already has the attitude of taking full responsibility for their own well-being

This experience is suitable for people who're willing to do the necessary work so that the potential of their soul can embody itself in physical reality. For them, victim consciousness is passé, they don't negotiate around this topic, and they know down to the last cell and fiber of their being that they're co-creating their own lives, no matter what.

This doesn't mean you're like full-on into "the witchy and woo"; you might be, and you might be not. Witchy or not, woo-woo or not, my clients are typically down to earth, bound to grow loving relationships, and succeed in the material world while owning a simple, kind of pure affinity for the world of energy and consciousness.

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It's great to know all the details about the design of your soul, per se. But if you don't know how to use that information in your daily life? There's no point. Soul matters aren't esoteric - or at least they shouldn't be. They can be made tangible and practical. So my goal through this 2-hour session is to get you internally equipped, so you can:


  • Act decisively - because you know what you want

  • Respond swiftly  - in the midst of super stressful situations

  • Say what you want to say clearly - without crushing doubt and toxic guilt

  • Walk your way - and manage the "uncomfortable" along the way with confidence, focus, love, and clarity

With Soul Reading, you will delve deeply into aspects of your current situation & illuminate them from your human and spiritual perspective.



Tina works in private psychotherapy practice (est. 2009). She holds a B.A: in Psychology (University of Ljubljana, 2003), a Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from the European Confederation Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (2012), and the European Diploma in Psychotherapy (2013). She's a Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional (DEH International, 2016), is a qualified EFT practitioner (Level 1,2, The EFT Center, London, 2017), and has additional training in trauma recovery using EFT (2019). She's also a Soul Realignment® Practitioner (2017) and Sacred Womb Practitioner (2019). Her approach to working with the Psyche is holistic and process-oriented, non-pathologizing, neurodiversity affirming, and trauma-informed.


... and liberating.

Life is practical - and so is this intuitive reading • Understand the potentiality of your soul so that you can intentionally use your spiritual uniqueness as an asset in your private & professional life

The life forms in this universe have a structure and dynamics - and so does our soul. If we can't prove it scientifically, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that it's unobservable. You need a certain degree of emotional and mental openness to approach this reading; intuition will signal to you that the time is ripe to find out more about your Soul. When people are ready for it, they just know.

Let me know about your choice - my email is We will set a date for your session with me. After I receive your payment, I will start to gather all the info for the reading and we will book your date. Please keep in mind we will need app. 2 - 2.5 hours to go through all of the material. I will be recording our session so you can listen to it again, as this is very important for you - I'll explain why later... This is comprehensive reading. I bring together a complex variety of information to help your ego-mind bring forth the meaning and feeling of your Soul, and I do this in a clear and very structured way. 

• Medicinal Soul Reading experience will provide you with:

  • awareness of how your Soul level - in details

  • how is your current situation influenced by your karmic backgrounds

  • how to make choices that are aligned with your Soul - and why this matters so much!

  • how to avoid making alternatives that are not grounded in your divine Soul blueprint 

• Investment: At any time available per inquiry.

Soul Reading is vibrational medicine. It is an extremely valuable and distinct part of my energetic apothecary.


In this highly vibrational, empowering, and liberating session, we work inside of the flow of living consciousness, and the information you receive matches what's vibrationally important for you. Reading accelerates your spiritual growth, often in wonderful and usually unexpected ways. This kind of experience isn't a quick fix or a magic wand, yet it has a long-lasting effect. It can help you embody your divine essence in a completely new way that helps you make choices that are good for you. Experience shows that the effect stays with the people who're willing to consciously apply this valuable knowledge in their personal lives and work. 


I highly recommend soul reading with Tina to anyone who wants to receive the history, mission and healing of the soul through a warm, colorful, open-minded and professionally trained person. Tina knows how to convey important information for the soul and personal growth in understandable language, helping individuals on the path to their essence and inner peace. I believe that as the years go by, I'll look back on our session with even greater gratitude for the actions, new insights and decisions I can take each day that are more in tune with my soul and support me on my path. Tina, thank you!