Close door to your past, initiate space for the miracle of your future. Become the real, raw, unrestrained woman you are meant to be.

Serving clients since 2001, I know how the untold secrets and hidden emotional and spiritual wounds can and do stop women from creating the love desired, the success sought. But what I also know is, this can be changed.  

I want you to

unravel Yourself,

reclaim Inner Authority,

stand your own Truth.

That, my dear, makes a massive energetic difference in how you live, how you love, how you walk, talk, eat, take care of kids and a cat. It determines the positive depth of your



bank account,

creative magick.


It helps you stand your own ground, being loving and adored, sensual and sexual, fulfilled and complete, sharing your gifts, enjoying good fortune and whatever it is that you desire  -


as a real, raw, delicious, ripe, passionate Woman. 

You can embody this.

And I can help. 

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Much Love,



meet Tina

Psychotherapist, Psychologist,

Soul- Womb Practitioner

Tina Bozic is helping progressive, caring women to close doors to traumatic and difficult past, and open space for the miracle of their future. They get radically empowered, radically loved, feeling completed to the inside while building tangible success to the outside.


Tina s a straight-edge lady in her 40's, a mother of two sparkling teenage girls, happily married. She is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and energy worker with over twenty-five years of study and personal work, and more than fifteen years of clinical experience, integrating the best of in-depth relational therapy and master level of energy work.


She is working with women privately, offering in-person and online work, and facilitating deeply transformative women circles, serving clients worldwide. 

Tina Božič

Psychotherapist (EAP), BA Psychology,

DEH Certified Professional™, EFT Level 2 Practitioner,

Sacred Womb Practitioner




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