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A fierce thumping of the drums pound in your chest...


An enticing rhythm swirls through your head... 


And you can almost feel their vibrations trying to coax your body into keeping time with the music... 

But all you hear is what everyone else needs.


What everyone else believes you should do.


And the longing to throw your middle fingers up at them beats as fucking loudly as that thumping in your chest…

 If you only didn't have to be “that woman”... because you have a family to raise, a career to think of, and a lover that would be thrown for a loop if you didn’t continue the game of “being her”. 

There’s one thing you need to make it all come together,


to get you unstuck and to ignite that fire in you again...

to challenge you to step out of the rut of “fitting in”.

Your essence.

The way only radical soul-love unlock you. 

Image by Dmitry Bayer

Mind-blowing intimacy,

creative business career,

 deeply satisfying relationships...


are in your hands. 

I'm Tina Božič

Psychotherapist and Psychologist

Soul-Womb Alchemist



And if you’re ready to get into a whole-being alignment that taps into every cell of your being so you can hear the song of your Soul?


"When a student is ready, a teacher comes. Sometimes we need the last push to finally align with the truth in ourselves. Tina is such a wonderful catalyst for everything that one needs to be aware of, that you finally accept and love yourself completely. No compromises! Absolutely by far the most beautiful and most valuable gift you can give yourself!"


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Gregorciceva ul.25

5000 Nova Gorica

SI - Slovenia, Europe

Serving Clients 



Monday: Study

Tuesday: Writings

Wednesday - Friday: Client Work

Holidays: Absolute must


Zasebna psihoterapevtska praksa in svetovanje Tina Bozic s.p.

Company Number 3516920000

VAT Registration Number SI76650839


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