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Liberating inner work for women who struggle with complicated relationships, their moods and self-doubts

Unravel. Bloom.

Do not struggle alone. Instead, restore your peace of mind & gain back clarity, so that you can move on synced with the deepest desires of your Soul

I'm sure you already know that inner struggle always has a purpose.


It comes pünktlich, and it comes for a reason.


Panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, overeating, depressive moods etc. ... are not symptoms... nor lines in DSM-5.

Inner struggles are course corrections. 

They are trying to tell us that we're currently out of synch with who we're at the deepest core of our being.

We cannot change, escape or diminish our pure divine essence.


But we can navigate ourselves fucking far away from it.


And in this case, we suffer, big and small.


Our pains, worries, fears, obsessions, compulsions, depressions, loneliness, and frustrations are all closely connected with this psychospiritual... let's say, peculiarity.

Aligning your body and mind with the most rooted divine version of you is what we do in our work. 

Women who are struggling with piles of self-doubts often take care of everything and everyone - except of themselves. The time comes when they need to focus all their intent on themselves... to then continue their love, life, and leadership in a way rooted deeply in their Soul.


In-depth inner work helps them accomplish that. We use an efficient, practice-proofed blend of in-depth therapeutic conversations, energy work on root energetic causes of emotional and mental struggles, sacred womb work, and soul work.

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Healing Work

with Tina Božič

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

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Because a well-formulated problem is half of the solution

To get in touch with me, simply write an email or fill out the form below; it'll be forwarded directly to me. You can expect my response within two to three business days (Mon-Fri).  Our work is in-person or online, and we use Zoom or Skype for video and/ or audio calls. 

Through this in-depth healing experience, we will activate a timeline of intimate reflection, deep exploration, healing work, and integration. I will help you explore and discover what works and what doesn't work in your life. You will get to understand your intimate (her)story from a new perspective and find out tools, techniques, attitudes, and strategies to help you resolve long-term issues that had been preventing you from living, loving, and leading your life from your unique, individual expression.     

Healing work


Healing work is held within a three (3) month container. We meet online, for three weeks in a role, for 75 min session each week, followed by a week of integration pause. After the initial trimester, we evaluate your process. According to your needs, we close the work or continue. Theoretically, we work together as long as you need. I'm a process worker, which means I follow your organic growth to the point where you feel satisfied with yourself, your life, and your progress, and you are more than ready and OK to continue without our regular meetings.


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"When I work with people, I can sense their Souls through the saturated darkness of emotional pain, inner wounds, and layers of social conditioning. There's a lot of life behind our emotional shells... I'm here to help women connect with that life step by step, overcome inner blocks and limitations, and learn how to connect with their Souls in order to experience and experiment in this incarnation fully."

Tina Božič

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