Holistic depth psychotherapy with Tina Božič

Psychologist and Psychotherapist,

DEH® Certified Professional

Times of struggles push us to expand our Consciousness and Love

The conscious connection to our inner depths, the people around us, and the web of Life undoubtedly delivers a profound sense and meaning that goes beyond all words and mental concepts. That kind of meaning is felt and experienced as we embody it when we are fully ensouled.

Are You...

Waking up at 4 am, with racing thoughts about everything?!

Feeling guilty about skipping a workout?

Desperate, because single?

Lonely, and in relationship?

Perceiving sex as a duty?

Suppressing your truth to avoid unplesant conversations?

Killing your deepest desires?

Available to others 24/7?



"Healing tool" par excellence is, unsurprisingly, a loving, compassionate, and radically accepting therapeutic relationship... Because nothing beats the power of a genuine connection where women like You explore their uniqueness while healing wounds from the past in a warm, safe, confidential, supportive and inspiring space that we create, together.



Shamanic work is a healing tool that helps us access help from compassionate spirits in the non-ordinary reality. The shamanic approach is all about the sacred working through the cognition of the heart and sacred womb.


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Dynamic Energetic Healing® is an integrative energy psychotherapy model that intelligently combines energy psychology, process work, and shamanic work. We use our second awareness and energy testing to enable orientation to the complex inner world. The work is often surprisingly efficient and resolves the energetic origins of trauma straight to the point.

Let's work

This is a process of inner exploration and growth in which you address, heal and integrate your wounds and explore your uniqness so that you can live and love as Yourself. 


Through in-depth conversations and energy work, we're primarily targeting the underlying energetic roots of your issues. The beauty of this work is it connects you more deeply to the complexity and magnificence of your psyche and soul.

Technically, this approach consists of the principles of depth psychotherapy and energy psychology. It considers complex beings, interweaving our lives from physical, emotional, and mental to the relational and spiritual realms.

It is not complicated to feel successful, satisfied, and peaceful when our body-mind-soul system has good energetic flow capability and we can intentionally direct our energy with our consciousness.


But when that's not the case?


Success, satisfaction, or peace of mind get difficult to impossible.


There are several signs that, right now, you are probably not relying on yourself sincerely. The most recognizable ones? You often feel:


  • frustrated?

  • disappointed?

  • bitter?

  • lost?

  • angry?


Establish a stable energetic connection with your physical body - your sacred space and "container" supreme

Become completely comfortable with your sensations and feelings while learning to navigate the waters of emotion with ease



Finish unfinished emotional businesses from your close or distant past that are making you feel stuck, unable to move with your Soul's desires

Build excellent internal, external, and interpersonal boundaries that nourish and protect you, your creativity, and the people you love 


"I met Tina at a very difficult time in my life. I was helpless, trapped in my own world and wanted to break out of a vicious circle in which I was spinning."

- Lenka


Discover what works and what doesn't work in your life

Together, we will activate a new timeline of intimate reflection, deep exploration, healing work, and integration. I will help you explore and discover what works and what doesn't work in your life. You will get to understand your intimate (her)story from a new perspective and find out tools, techniques, attitudes, and strategies to help you resolve long-term issues that have been preventing you from living, loving, and leading your life from your unique, individual expression.

Grow the ability to take decisive action – because you are clear about what you need

Clearly say what you want to say – without annihilating doubts and noxious guilt-tripping

Master to use inner and interpersonal conflicts as a chance for growth

Free yourself from the myth of perfection!

Tap into a multitude of your strengths, gifts, quirks and imperfections, so you can live as who you are without any embarrassment, shame, or fear

Implement supportive and empowering daily practices that strengthen your energetic well-being


Release limiting narratives and embody your personal power so that you can feel satisfied. 

  • So many of the struggles and pains you've been trapped in for years or lifetimes may disappear.

  • You can live a happier, more straightforward, and more grounded life.

  • Other people's thoughts and judgments will no longer significantly influence your moods or decisions.

  • You can feel sexually liberated without fuss, extra effort, or excessive drama.


I can help you with the uncomfortable deconditioning process of unlearning what family and society have imposed on you but which doesn't fit your true self.

You will not only get a healing perspective on your past stories of lack or abuse, but it will all come down to getting unraveled:

  • Whom you were taught to be...

  • Why are you afraid to show yourself as you are?...

  • Why you're so worried...

  • How you can release your fears...

  • What does your most passionate, wild, creative life look and feel like?

  • How to align action with your deepest desires?

"A few months of regular work with Tina did a lot of good for me. I turned to her at a time when, despite my seemingly strong outward self-image, I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. I didn't know what I really wanted, who I was, how I felt, and most of all, I felt very empty and lonely because after several years of a serious relationship, I felt alone and without the emotional support I really needed at that time. With Tina, I realized that my feeling of emptiness and the restlessness that came with it stemmed from a lack of self-love, a lack of connection to my being, the suppression of my deepest feelings, and the constant rationalization of everything that was happening to me. People often try to protect themselves from pain by falsely controlling the world around us, but in reality, you must accept every feeling, even the most unpleasant, in order to give it free rein. It sounds obvious, but theory and practice don't go hand in hand, certainly not during difficult periods in life. In that case, systematic work on oneself is a very sensible decision, but certainly not an easy one. Tina's warm therapeutic approach was excellent support for me in overcoming a difficult phase and in further personal growth."

- Neja


To get in touch with me, simply use this form and it'll be forwarded directly to me. You can expect my response within two to three business days (Mon-Fri). The first step is the first meeting.  

Let's Connect!

Tina Božič Psychotherapy

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• First session

A safe and confidential therapeutic relationship is the basis of our collaboration. The first session takes 90 minutes. During this time, you will have time to share what's going on in your life that makes you seek healing, and I will ask you a few questions so that we can explore:



  • what is it that you need in terms of inner work, 

  • what would be the focus of work, 

  • in what ways could that be done?

• The length of overall work


We will work together and meet regularly for as long as you need. I'm a process worker, so I follow your organic growth to the point where you feel satisfied with yourself, your life, and your progress, and you are more than ready and OK to continue without our regular meetings.

• The frequency of sessions

We work every other week for 90 minutes.

• Fee


Fees are at any time available per inquiry.** 


** 22% VAT on this service is charged to any customers based in an EU country unless they can provide a valid VAT number issued in their country. 22% VAT on this service is also set for all non-EU customers. In case of unclearness regarding VAT, please check the Terms and Conditions or contact us, we are here to help! 

Good to know:

  • You will receive an invoice only after your booking is confirmed from my side.

  • Payment for the first session is in advance; later sessions are held on a monthly retainer.

  • Payments are accepted via bank account transfer or PayPal.

  • The cancellation policy is strict - sessions canceled less than 48 hours in advance are fully charged.


"To make a long story short: I was a nervous wreck, dissatisfied with my job and life as a partner, and completely lost. Today I'm happily married to the man who fully accepted my daughter from my first relationship, we're expecting a baby soon, and I have a great job. But I also have a bunch of wishes and plans for the future that I hope will come true one day."

- Ana

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Tina, how does this kind of therapy differs from traditional talk therapies?


Your recurring physical, emotional, mental, relational, or spiritual problems may point to unresolved unconscious conflicts or unprocessed traumas. Inner struggles are associated with specific relationship experiences, events, and other contexts that have shaped our energy field to this day. Until the fundamental, underlying, and energetic causes of suffering are addressed, there will only be temporary relief or improvement of the "symptoms" but no healing. In energy-based psychotherapy, we strive for healing. Symptoms are seen as superficial reflections of deeper, unnoticed issues. When we complement casual talk therapy with vibrational healing, we can resolve the deep energetic backgrounds from which our symptoms stem in a different, usually much more effective way.

Q. Can I book a session only once in a while? 

You can always book your intro session to meet me, check how you feel in my presence, and then peacefully decide whether to work or not to work with me regularly. "Once in a while" is only reserved for follow-up sessions with my past clients. With my new clients, we work regularly. In this way, your process is contained in our connection, while your conscious commitment challenges the ever-present unconscious resistance to bonding with your deepest self. In the beginning, we meet weekly for 60 minutes; after that, we switch to working every other week for 90 minutes.

Q. For whom this kind of psychotherapy work isn't advisable?

Women I work with are eager to explore their inner world. They come in different stages of their spiritual evolution, which often includes recovery from demanding past or current relationships and body-image issues. My healing approach isn't an option for women using psychoactive drugs. There are concerns when someone takes psychotropic medications or combines different ones (antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers). I often work with women who had these experiences and conditions in the past and are now drug-free and want to resolve the deeper energetic roots of their persisting emotional and relational struggles. 


Q. Is this online therapy work?

Yes. We use video or audio calls via Zoom. I work in the European timezone (CET), and opening hours vary from 8 am to 6 pm CET (Wed-Fri).



"I've always loved to travel and learn about new places, cultures and people, but I didn't know how much more important and not least interesting is the journey into myself. Discovering your own hidden corners can be exhausting, but it's worth it. I feel like I've sorted out the situation inside myself, tidied the drawers and cupboards, and cleaned the whole apartment. I've learned better who I'm and what to expect from myself. I can say that I've defined the feelings that are inside me. I'm aware of them, I know where they're, and I recognize them more easily when they arise. And in doing so, I don't waste time and energy unnecessarily! Above all, I knew far too little about love, even though it's the most celebrated emotion. After a year and a half since I started therapy, I can feel (and no longer know) "what kind of ice cream" I really want. It looks easy, but it wasn't for me. I learned that and much more in the psychotherapy with Tina, whose work included energetic methods that suited me. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. I felt that she always felt what I felt. I can only praise her - even if praise sometimes sounds a bit too sweet, it's appropriate here - I should mention her professionalism, her genuine personal contact, her positive energy, her dynamism and her playfulness. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."

- Dora


About Tina Božič

Tina's clinical work is based on her extensive professional training of over 25 years, clinical experience of almost 20 years, and overcoming challenging personal life circumstances experienced in her teens and early 20s.

People often say Tina is a down-to-earth and approachable woman. She is in her mid-40s, always in the mood for a simple life, creative projects, solitude, long walks, and caring for her beloved family.