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"I met Tina at a tough time in my life. I was helpless, trapped in my own world, and wanted to break out of a vicious circle in which I was spinning."

It’s time to unlock the portal of radical self-love.



Waking at 4:44 am, sweating, mind spinning in overwhelming dreadful thoughts... 

Guilt about eating a bar of chocolate (and then another one).


Hard-core demands that He provides you with what He cannot and never will.


Emotional chaos of an intense teenager. 

Unnecessary hesitation, which costs you time, money, and opportunities. 


Instead, here is a new level of SELF-MASTERY:

Decisive action – because you know what you want.


Capacity to feel in charge – amid super stressful situations.


Saying clearly what you want – without annihilating doubts and noxious guilt-tripping.


Walking your own way – and dealing with the “uncomfortable” with confidence, focus, love, and clarity.


In a woman’s world, LOVE AND CRITICAL THINKING fuel everything from body love to relationships, creativity, and bank accounts.

Tell me, do you love You?

Tell me, are you reflective, thoughtful?


Even though you feel like a mess, sitting with a box of Kleenex on your sofa, disappointed and discouraged?


(Especially then.)




Would you want me to help?

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Love yourself. Then forget It. Then love the world.

- Mary Oliver

Your multidimensional transformation and my down-to-earth support




Finish unfinished emotional work from close and distant past that is making you feel stuck, unable to move with your Soul's desires


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Explore and discover what works and what doesn't in your life. Then, you will heal what can be healed and accept what needs to be accepted. You'll start to feel yourself differently and understand your personal story from a new perspective. 

You will learn tools, techniques, attitudes, and strategies to help you resolve long-term issues that have prevented you from living, loving, and leading your life with your unique, individual expression.


What I know is:

  • The better you know yourself,

  • The fewer unresolved unconscious conflicts you hold

  • The more comfortable you feel in your body

  • The less trauma residue remains in your energy field

  • The closer you're to your Soul... 


... the easier it becomes to choose freely and truly co-create life through the power of your pure intention.


It's all possible when you know how and you can achieve all of it.

Establish a stable energetic connection with your physical body - your sacred space, and energetic "container" supreme

Become utterly comfortable with your sensations and feelings while navigating the waters of emotion with ease

Grow excellent, internal, external, and interpersonal boundaries that nourish and protect you, your creativity, and the people you love 


In deep energy psychotherapy, unsurprisingly, the healing tool par excellence remains the compassionate and radically accepting connection we have.  You explore your uniqueness while healing wounds from the past in a warm, safe, confidential, supportive and inspiring space that we create together.



Your Soul is constantly working through your body; the body is a vehicle and a temple as you get all the information, healing, and transformation. I don't buy into disembodied, non-dual spirituality; instead, I help my clients access and cultivate awareness of WHO THEY REALLY ARE, helping them develop firm and unconditional trust in themselves.

 The energy psychotherapy I practice combines relational work with energy psychology, process work, and shamanic work. Dynamic Energetic Healing® is an energy psychology model I've chosen to master and use a lot since 2013. I use second awareness and, when appropriate, energy testing to help you resolve the energetic origins of past trauma straight to the point.



You can reconnect step by step with Who you really are and unveil a source of pure love nesting in the depths of You


I believe that it's our birthright to live in dignity, creating fulfilling life full of creativity. I also believe that for every problem there is a solution, and what I see is, there are usually more of them.

Tina Bozic Psychotherapy

Gregorciceva ul. 25 | Nova Gorica, SI - 5000 Slovenia 

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Contact Me

What to expect?

Booking Session One



Therapy availability


My practice is a fully-booked one. However, I accept new clients when successfully closing work with my existing ones! So we need to see how our schedules fit. Don't hesitate to contact or use the form on this page.


Intro session


Your intro session takes 90 min. We will get deeper into the underlying dynamics of your situation, which you cannot perceive and shift on your own. We will see if we are a good fit and then make a plan for how to work together, helping you resolve and overcome your challenges with as much grace and ease as possible. Before you schedule your intro session, I will send you informed consent so that you will come to the intro session fully informed about the work, fees, cancellation policy, confidentiality, my credentials, etc.


We meet regularly


I love Deep Energy Psychotherapy because it connects my clients safely, subtly, and profoundly to the complexity and magnificence of who they really are.


Transformation to happen on the inside and in your everyday life needs time, space, growing awareness, and lots of empathy and self-love. We will work together as much as it is necessary for you to move the mountains that you need to move. We work twice per month for 90 min. If you need more intensive work and you can arrange your resources, we can meet more often.


There is no projected time when you stop with therapy. We are building and holding a space for the organic process of your inner growth to accelerate. You will feel and know when you are ready to part ways with me and how.




Besides my workshops, the leading service I offer is individual therapy work. During our sessions, you will resolve the key issues holding you from living a much more sovereign, loving, and creative life. Usually, I help my clients work through emotional pain (feelings of emptiness, insecurity, confusion, stuckness, etc.) and sort out relationship issues (lack of intimacy, quitting toxic environments, etc.). 


  • Fees are reasonably standard 3-figure ones (EUR)

  • Exact fees are at any time available per inquiry via 

  • I offer no free calls or free introductory sessions


After arranging your session, you will receive an invoice and take care of the payment before our meeting, simply using PayPal or bank transfer. 


In a nutshell


Working with me means you'll align yourself even more with the paradigm of Love. That will guarantee you a different kind of inner comfort and freedom on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational levels. Sooner or later, depending on your sacred needs, you'll have this experience:


  • much more focused mind,

  • even more open hearts,

  • radical acceptance of your luscious emotional flow,

  • different level of joyful productivity and creativity,

  • a deeper level of intimacy and sexuality.


In our sessions, we constantly tap into the realm of body, mind, and Soul. Our work is contained in the sacred healing space that we are co-creating. Our safe and dedicated therapeutic relationship is a catalyst for your inner work.

I am looking forward to meeting You!

"To make a long story short: I was a nervous wreck, dissatisfied with my job and life as a partner, and completely lost. Today I'm happily married to the man who fully accepted my daughter from my first relationship, we're expecting a baby soon, and I have a great job. But I also have a bunch of wishes and plans for the future that I hope will come true one day."


- A.

"I've always loved to travel and learn about new places, cultures, and people, but I didn't know how much more important and not least interesting is the journey into myself. Discovering your hidden corners can be exhausting, but it's worth it. I feel like I've sorted out the situation inside myself, tidied the drawers and cupboards, and cleaned the whole apartment. I've learned better who I'm and what to expect from myself. I can say that I've defined the feelings that are inside me. I know them, know where they're, and recognize them more easily when they arise. And in doing so, I don't waste time and energy unnecessarily! Above all, I knew far too little about love, even though it's the most celebrated emotion. After a year and a half, since I started therapy, I can feel (and no longer know) "what kind of ice cream" I want. It looked easy, but it wasn't for me. I learned that and much more in the psychotherapy with Tina, whose work included energetic methods that suited me. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. I felt that she always felt what I felt. I can only praise her - even if praise sometimes sounds a bit too sweet; it's appropriate here - I should mention her professionalism, genuine personal contact, positive energy, vitality, and playfulness. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."

-- D.

Q. Tina, what makes this work different from the traditional ones?

It's energy-based. It combines traditional psychotherapy, modern energy psychology, and subtle energy work with unseen realms. In Deep Energy Psychotherapy, symptoms - anxiety, restlessness, depression, etc. are seen as external reflections of unnoticed issues with specific energetic roots. Until the energetic causes of your struggles are addressed, there will only be temporary relief or improvement of the "symptoms" - but no true healing. We aim for healing. Our work is to resolve the energetic backgrounds of anything preventing you from following your soul's path. I'm a psychodynamically body-oriented psychotherapist, so I constantly use talk therapy and body awareness to complement vibrational healing and work with the unseen realms to resolve the deep energetic backgrounds from which any of your struggles stem.

Q. Can I book a session only once in a while? 

No. You can always book your intro session to meet me and decide whether to engage in regular therapy. "Once in a while" is only reserved for follow-up sessions with my past clients. With my new clients, we work regularly. In this way, your process is contained in our connection, while your conscious commitment challenges the ever-present unconscious and egoic resistance to bond with your Soul.

Q. For whom this kind of psychotherapy isn't the best option?

Women I work with are highly motivated to explore their inner world. This makes sense because our sessions serve as portals into deeper reflection about their life and the healing that needs to be done, and they want to be present, self-aware, and conscious. I cannot help if you have substance abuse issues, have a severe form of an eating disorder that needs intensive treatment, or attempted suicide in the past two (2) years. I advise against this work if someone uses a complex mix of psychotropic medicaments (antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers). In cases like these, please seek help from other specialized professionals. However, I need to say I often meet women who had these challenging, debilitating experiences in their past and want to resolve the deeper energetic roots of their persisting emotional and relational struggles. 

Q. In which timezone you work?

Central European Timezone / CET. My opening hours are from 8 am to 7 pm CET (Wed-Fri). Please check that your timezone fits mine, as I don't work outside my opening hours. Thanks!


About Tina Božič 

Tina is a mum of two, married, and works in private psychotherapy practice (est. 2009). She holds a BA in Psychology and is a certified psychotherapist (European Association of Psychotherapy). She's a Dynamic Energetic Healing® Certified Professional, a qualified EFT practitioner with additional training in trauma recovery using EFT. She's a Soul Realignment® Practitioner and Sacred Womb practitioner. Tina has a lifelong involvement with different metaphysical systems based on tarot, archetypes, and astrology. 

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