I was guilty... of being unable to hear my Soul over the world's noise.


Relationships full of friction and isolation... depression, then addiction... and a career path I didn't want to be on... dressing and talking and behaving to suit the world and what I thought others thought I should act and look like...


It was not funny.


It was all pretty fucked up. 


Through deep inner work, persistence, determination, faith, and accepting my intuitive gifts... I've shifted it ALL.


My once fuzzy days of not knowing which way I was going ended when I learned how to feel and understand what my Soul was asking for. 


That was years ago. 


It’s all about what I sense in the depths of my own Soul. 

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And one completely
present woman!

Tina Božič

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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A salty promise of an endless spotless summer. Water, winter, woods... snow, and northern winds. The Moon, a sister I never had.  

People who are real and get it… 

This is what fills my Soul. And just because I’ve found that clarity that I was missing, I’m able to give my Soul and myself what we need. 


By embodying my own feminine essence and radically loving myself... intuitions and quirks and all…


... I am able to connect with people like You who long to feel those same live wild and free within their own lives.

energy based


Reclaim your inner authority and stand your own truth

In my sessions and workshops, I help women open to reach the depths of their organic nature. I help them renew relationships with their body and re-activate personal power, so they can say what they want to say, create what they know it needs to be created, and follow paths that are deeply correct for them. 


I weave together in-depth relational psychotherapy, energy psychology, and METAPHYSICAL work to facilitate your sacred journey to an even deeper state of awareness of who you are - on a body, mind, and soul level

1. Psychology & In-depth Psychotherapy

My studies started in 1995, and I'm a classically educated psychologist (B.A. in Psychology, the University of Ljubljana, as Tina Bogataj, 2003). Just before completing my psychology study, I started with what would become over a decade-long experiential training and studies in psychodynamic body-oriented psychotherapy. From this training, I hold a European Certificate in Psychotherapy (European Association for Psychotherapy, 2012). 

As a student-volunteer, I was for two years gaining experience in the field of chemical and non-chemical addictions. From 2003-2006 I worked as a counseling psychologist at the Sana Vita Institute in Ljubljana, where we treated co-dependency and eating disorders; I gained invaluable first experiences there.


After spending almost three years on maternity leave with our babies, I followed my old dream and opened a private psychotherapy practice (2009).

2. Energy Psychology

I completed extensive training in the integrative energy psychotherapy model Dynamic Energetic Healing® with Howard Brockman (2012-2016). DEH® is an effective integration of process work, energy psychology, and shamanic work. I learned meridian tapping at EFT Center London (2017, 2021), and advanced training in EFT for trauma processing (2019, Craig Weiner). For years, I have worked with Viv Fogel (UKCP, iEFT), as a mentor and supervisor in energy psychology, psychosynthesis psychotherapist, and master EFT trainer.


3. Metaphysical Systems 

I'm experienced in soul readings, offering them since 2017. In 2018-19 I extensively studied womb consciousness work and continued to do so. I'm a lifelong student of tarot and archetypes and have been interested in astrology since I was a kid.  When needed, I help to support my clients with Bach Flower remedies.

"Contact with the soul has made me stronger and, above all, more responsible to myself. It's my oasis where I come to rest, where I explore and where I allow myself the craziest dreams.

Tina really perfectly combines a spiritual experience with psychological knowledge - the insights about setting boundaries, wounded feminine energy, and primal family heritage has been invaluable to me and has put many things in perspective."

- Taja

"You aren't the only one who feels irrelevant. But you're the only one who can remove that feeling. We all have wounds, we all have different fears, we all want to be loved. It takes courage and trust in the process to work on it. Awareness that you aren't the only one, that there are people next to you who're experiencing similar traumas as you, that they're struggling, gives you the extra strength to persist, because you're NOT ALONE. All of life is one big therapy."

- Mojca


Over the years, I've met a variety of elders and teachers who had helped me learn psychotherapy, energy healing, and shamanism. I'm forever grateful for their generosity, help, and wisdom.

Some of them have influenced, inspired, and challenged my work, and helped me remember who I am and who I am not. 


Even though I work with men also, my therapy practice and studies constantly relate to women's relationships with their bodies, relationships, and personal power.

In my practice, I'm interested in what works, is safe, and helps my clients in the long run. I'm committed to excellence, integrity, continuous learning, and the highest possible level of ethics in my profession.

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I stand for a holistic, process-oriented, non-pathologizing, neurodiversity-affirming, and trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy and healing work.


I'm grateful for the work I do. For me, holistic psychotherapy is an art, skill, science, and magic.


My work is based on extensive study of over 25 years, professional training, clinical experience of over two decades, and my ongoing inner work - I've been in recovery for more than 23 years. 


For almost two decades now, I've been sharing my life path with my love, Samo Božič, my husband, a physicist turned Core Energetics body psychotherapist and father of our two sparkling young ladies.