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Calmness MEETING Passion. 

Soulful LIFE.

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iT's all possible

You have to hear what your Soul is saying.

And say fuck it being the woman others said you should be.


Once upon a time, In a land far and messy

I was the little match girl, giving away my treasures for nothing, unable to hear my soul over the noise of the world.


Behave, obey, wait, cross your legs, belly in, voice down, don't contradict, eat less, try more, study harder!!!

The voices and beliefs of people around me became my own. Unknowingly, I traded my Light for love - which of course wasn't. I was messing around in toxic relationships or lingering in professional environments misaligned with my values. I thought and talked and even dressed to satisfy the world. Did I want to be loved? I didn't want to be rejected. 

Then, I've unlearned. I’ve shifted it all.

Through deep inner work, trials and errors, rebellious perseverance, and lots of radical self-love, my days of co-dependant frustration ended. 


I have the deep sense of self that I was missing. I’m able to give my Soul and myself what we need.

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When women book their first session with me, they are at the point in their life when they need help. It seems like they've tried it all and they are still caught in:

  • not speaking up

  • not asking for money

  • thinking "something is wrong with me"

  • wanting size 34

  • not daring to be opinionated

  • insisting that nothing but perfect is good enough

They still struggle with:

  • anxiety and self-doubts (keeping them awake in the middle of the night),

  • lack of sexual desire (hormonal checkup showed "nothing specific"),

  • inability to create (the desired projects), 

  • difficulties to stay productive (I mean, who would be, with a foggy mind?!)

  • being on the last nerves with all the fuckwits all around (yes, really)

I work with women that seek practice-proven, a no-nonsense approach, a holistic healing experience that sets them into a trajectory of their sovereignty and inner authority. They appreciate the comfort and are able to get the positive impact of private time with a trusted mentor.


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  • help you reach deeper and deeper levels of self-love,

  • heal traumatic wounds that haven't healed so far,

  • learn to accept and love the scares, the lost, the unforgiven

  • rewire the beliefs that are keeping you good, but never enough girl the Patriarchy could control,


So you can:

  • feel deeply connected with yourself  - even in the midst of super stressful situations, 

  • take action, even when you don't feel self-confident AF because you know what? You don't have to!

  • do it your way, and deal with the "uncomfortable" with love and clarity.

Together, we will create a guarded space of abundant inspiration and support, so...

YOUR soulful nature WILL re-emerge in A beautiful way


Tina's niceties

I'm married and a mum, loving, raising, and fighting two brisk teenage girls. They had been born less than two years apart, so our life has always been a kind of rock-metal experience. My husband, Samo Božič is a psychotherapist too; he's an ex-physic teacher, now specializing in body psychotherapy. We live in the lush valley of the Soča river, Slovenia - pretty close to the Adriatic Sea, an hour and a half away from Venice, and next to the Alps.

I'm quite an approachable person. I see people mostly tend to feel welcomed, safe with me. My clients say they appreciate my down-to-earth presence, especially with all this energy work we do? :D It's obvious I'm interested in the practical beauty of things - I always want to know what works and is excellent at the same time.

beliefs ETC.

Despite all the acts of human ugliness and shadow we can encounter on this Earth, I find Life beautiful. I know we are all part of One. We are made of stars. I believe all Nature - elements, plants, animals - have spirits and are interconnected. I sense the universe as alive, conscious, in ways different from humans, and similar though. 


For me, Love is the law above all. 

Life is precious - it's all about connections within and without. Life is a gift, and it's here for us to be experienced. Humans, even though fragile, we're resourceful, creative, resilient beings. We are capable of beautiful expression, compassion, creativity, power, wisdom, truth, order, and love. Our free will, the ability and willingness to choose, is our spiritual tool supreme. And through our ability to choose, we are able to create soulful lives. We're here to experience our sameness and express our differences.


I know each psychospiritual crisis, individual or collective, is a sacred invitation for us to live more soulfully, which means more profoundly connected to Nature within and without.  


The crisis is how the Soul comes forward - when we choose to listen



Work with my clients is grounded in the professional education of over 25 years and almost two decades of clinical experience. I started my career as a student-volunteer in 2001, and then continued as an assistant in groups for treating eating disorders and codependency issues. I was a counseling psychologist at NGO in the same area, then I took maternity leave for almost three years after giving birth to my girls, and after that, I finally opened private psychotherapy practice.

With me, clients get a practitioner, who’s traditional practice (est. 2009) is punctuated by a holistic, energy-based, and intuitive approach


I nurture a holistic approach to psychotherapy. I find much joy and success in blending together the best of traditional relational therapy and energy-based approaches. I know systems of knowledge that go along with both trajectories of knowledge and healing. I also have formal and informal educations both in traditional psychotherapy, and alternative energy-based approaches to emotional issues. Over years, I've met a variety of teachers that influenced and inspired my work; with some of them, I've stayed and studied for years.


I have a BA in Psychology (The University of Ljubljana, as Tina Bogataj, 2003), and I'm an individual and group psychodynamic psychotherapist (European Certificate of Psychotherapy, credited by European Association for Psychotherapy, 2012). My key educations in energy-based healing approaches are Dynamic Energetic Healing® (2016), Emotional Freedom Technique (Level 2, The EFT Center London, 2017), Soul Realignment® (2017), and Sacred Womb Work (I finished my foundational studies back in 2019).

In everything I do, I bring together various approaches to help my clients facilitate healing on a body, mind, and soul level. The core of my work builds around supporting women to embody their inner authority and express their uniqueness. 



Helping you find out who you are on the Soul level. Comprehensive soul-level reading and relignment healing.


Holistic energy-based inner work. Create an impeccable presence and excellent relationships within and without. 


Transformative workshops for closed women’s circles. Blends of education, and deep feminine energy work.