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How about waking up with warm excitement, ready to pick up where you left off the day before, as your life is rooted in love and service?


This is why I do the work I do - to help my wonderful female clients get here ⬆️

"I'm a thousand pounds lighter—a sense of relief. Liberating perspectives. Feel so much stronger."


This is what women often share when we end our sessions... 

Just don't struggle alone; it's not worth it.


Instead, reach out to move on.


In my holistic psychotherapy practice, I'm assisting women to move from a life of anxiety, worries, frustration, and suffering to a life of love, gusto, wittiness, mature self-expression, and creativity. 


I see women "find" me during their hard times.


Difficulties in life, challenges in business.

I see how we can learn much about ourselves, others, and Life during hard times.


We are always given opportunities to raise our self-awareness, expand our self-love, and keep loving this mystical, magical, complex, glorious world even more.


When we address the root causes of our suffering to facilitate deep emotional and spiritual healing, a new kind of future is born. 


In my two decades of working with clients, I have seen firsthand how it's possible to close portals to the past and open doors to the new. We heal emotional wounds, gain clarity and purpose, and move forward with love.

This is why we are here, right?


It is more than possible to create a soulful life. 

Shall we?



Personal transformation is a process of conscious awakening to our most profound experience of ourselves. A crisis is a natural part of the path of transformation and a window to our Soul - when we know how to navigate it.

Feeling whole, peaceful, regulated, and deeply satisfied is a natural state of our being. But experience shows we get there when we intentionally heal our emotional wounds and actively change the limiting narratives of our upbringing and broader social conditioning; we achieve that primarily by root cause level healing and setting up daily self-love practices. 


I'm speaking this from my experiences, not only from decades of training. My formative years were not exactly a casual Sunday walk in a park. It took me time and plenty of inner work to comprehend what works in relationship to myself and others, what doesn't work, and probably never will. I'm grateful I can now assist women in transforming their pain and frustration to create the life of their Souls - as I did and continue to do so.


In my practice, I offer tools, knowledge, and guidance so that women can build their lives according to their deepest, soulful needs and desires.  

The evolution of your Soul is sacred 


My name is Tina Božič

I hold a BA in Psychology and am a certified psychotherapist registered with the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). I've been exploring energy psychotherapy - specifically EFT, DEH®, sacred womb work, and soul healing. My clinical work started in 2003; I worked as a young NGO psychologist specializing in codependency and eating disorders. I have been practicing in my private practice since 2009, orienting my work around the psychology of women, studying how women step into their sovereignty when they heal the root causes of their battles and struggles with themselves, others, and their bodies.

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I Believe

Growing up neglected or abused is a terrible start to life. Many women still have difficulties fully acknowledging their harsh realities. However, mental health issues, relationship struggles, and war with their bodies sooner or later mirror the unconscious truth... if not before, then the hidden reality strikes during motherhood, perimenopause or menopause. 

I know firsthand that emotional and mental struggles following difficult growing years can have a hidden depth, initially invisible and unrecognized. When we utilize that mystical inner depth, it can do wonders in our lives. 

Still, I also think this depth should not be romanticized. In my experience, it always takes effort to get there - to overgrow the damage inflicted in early years is work, as it is work to build a soulful life despite the unpromising backstory. 


So much is possible, yet it also requires responsibility, serious commitment, and grind. That's how it goes, even though many still like to picture it as quick and easy - it's typically not. 

You Can

  • Stop questioning your sanity
  • Stop downsizing your feelings
  • Stop criticizing your body 
  • Stop stressing about other's opinions
  • Set your own set of rules in your own life
  • Say NO and fucking mean it
  • Exit abusive perspectives, habits, and relationships


  • Non-obsessive self-care
  • Connection with your Soul
  • Cosy intimacy
  • Embodied sexuality
  • Streams of creativity
  • Peace of mind
  • Deepest love possible



Private Psychotherapy Practice

Tina Božič

Gregorčičeva ul. 25

SI - 5000 Nova Gorica

Slovenia (EU)


+ 386 40 471 477

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