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No matter how much you accomplish, it never feels like enough?

Do you find it difficult to recall precisely what happens in tense situations?


Do you often find yourself moody or crying for "no reason"?


Have you ever said to yourself that you are "making things up"?

Are you downplaying your hurt when someone disrespects you?

Do you judge yourself for being "difficult" and sometimes think you're a burden to others?


People call you "mom" in groups because you care for everything and everyone?


You're afraid that you'll "lose yourself" in your intimate relationship?


Do you disregard appreciation, good feedback, and affectionate comments?


Do you tend to have catastrophic thought loops that keep you from taking the next step?


Do you find it difficult to take a stand?


And when you take a stand, you struggle with enormous guilt afterward?

Have you ever thought, what if it's not you...

but what happened to you? 

In my psychotherapy practice, I meet hard-working and committed women who feel their struggle with overwhelming emotions and thoughts and their relationships' difficulties are their own fault.

They talk about fears, worries, tearful nights, and overwhelmingly busy days. Although they try, they have no idea what more they can do to feel better. Nothing seems to bring relief. Meditation and yoga don't work because they can't focus; workouts don't provide satisfaction as they can't remedy loneliness. The heart feels cold, the mind is fuzzy, and the magickal well of creativity appears completely dry.


There seems to be no ease from the struggle. 


However, through inner work, women return tdeep love disguised in wounded darkness. 


It is possible to overcome feelings of loneliness, unworthiness, and frustration. It's possible to heal self-doubts, toxic guilt, self-loathing, and anxiety.


With love and persistence, it's possible to transform pain into gold. I observe little miracles daily - I specialize in healing the painful legacy of relational trauma.


I'm Tina Božič, a psychologist and psychotherapist. My work and study focus on how to help women recover after relational trauma holistically.


I integrate psychodynamic body-oriented psychotherapy with a neurobiologically trauma-informed approach, complemented by various tools from the exciting world of energy psychology.

Feel free to connect when it's time to get deeper into your inner work. I'm here, and You are warmly welcome in my space. Looking forward to meeting you!



"Tina's workshop is difficult to describe; it's the stopping of time and, simultaneously, the immersion in the mass of all the lines of women present. Therefore, it can open inner spaces on all sides, opening the discovery of one's unconscious, unrecognized, unwieldy content. It's the focus of intention - and the forgetting of fear. It's sincerity and support. It's another level."

- A.

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