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"It's not you. It's what happened to you."

Life frequently connects me with talented, hard-working, driven women with harsh life experiences. Still, they feel and act as if the struggle, the pain, the difficulty - it's all their own fault.

They talk about fears, worries, tearful nights, and busy days when we meet. Although they try, they have no idea what more they could do to get better; whatever they try, nothing brings relief. Meditation doesn't work because they can't focus; workouts don't provide satisfaction as they can't remedy loneliness; pills are out of the question; another diet is out of the question; their well of creativity appears dry; there seems to be no ease from the struggle. 


Through our sessions, women can return to the deep love that is always disguised in the wounded darkness.


I’m here to help women like You overcome deep feelings of loneliness, unworthiness, and frustration. You will understand your battles differently and love yourself more and more as your psychological wounds heal gracefully and your pain transforms into gold. 

I help women close the doors to the past and make space for the new so they can live, love, and lead differently on their own sacred terms.


I'm Tina Božič, a psychologist and psychotherapist. I invite you to explore this website. Then, there are different options for how to stay connected. Read my blog, subscribe for souletters, and do not hesitate to connect when you sense it's time to get to work.


I'm here, and You are warmly welcome. 


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Tina Bozic Psychotherapy for Women

"Tina's workshop is difficult to describe; it's the stopping of time and, simultaneously, the immersion in the mass of all the lines of women present. Therefore, it can open inner spaces on all sides, opening the discovery of one's unconscious, unrecognized, unwieldy content. It's the focus of intention - and the forgetting of fear. It's sincerity and support. It's another level."

- A.

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