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Hi, I'm Tina. I'm a psychologist and psychotherapist. I work with women. 

I started working with clients in 2003. Over the years, I've had the privilege of helping women of all ages heal their inner wounds and move on with their soulful lives. I came to believe that women need to build up inner strength to possible perfection. And keep going on the path of Love despite the unpromising state of sanity in modern society.

Far too many women still hold emotional wounds and toxic beliefs that keep them, as they kept me, 'the good but never enough girl' that the internalized system of opression can control. My work is about supporting women to regain personal power and access love encrypted deep inside their Souls so that they can create the life they need, seek, hope for, and desire. 

listen Deeper

the evolution of your Soul is sacred 

How about waking up in the morning, fulfilled and satisfied, ready to pick up right where you left off the day before?



No unnecessary friction. No fucking hustle. No anxious doubts. The only thought:


What would Love do? 

Metaphorically, this is why I do the work I do. 


To stand by my clients when they are getting there ⬆️

A thousand pounds dropped off my shoulders, Tina. 

I feel supported.

I feel so much stronger.

I know all is well. 

All I can say is, don't struggle alone, beacuse it's not worth it.

Take a risk, reach out, and get help. 


In my holistic private practice, I'm assisting women to dismantle unnecessary anxiety, worries, and frustration. 


Over the years, I have seen how women find me during their hard times.


I don't spiritually endorse shitty times. Who needs them? Noone. But they are an evident part of our lives. I see them as inevitable, unexpected opportunities when we make them so. 


I came to believe it's beneficial to know ourselves deeply. It's very helpful.  


When we know ourselves, we can love ourselves much more and keep loving this mystical, magical, complex, glorious world more and more. 

I also believe living a life of love, gusto, and creativity is perfectly okay


You need to build up inner strength to possible perfection. And keep going.

soulful life 


mother, wife, therapist

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and I am a registered psychotherapist with the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). My approach integrates traditional psychotherapy with energy tools and psychospiritual perspectives. I have completed training in body-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy and have also mastered Dynamic Energetic Healing®. I have learned how to do soul readings, and I am passionate about liberating deep feminine power through sacred womb work. My focus is on the psychology of women, and I am committed to supporting them in stepping into their sovereignty and transforming the struggles that they face, sometimes with others, but mostly with their own bodies and minds.

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Private Psychotherapy Practice

Tina Božič

Gregorčičeva ul. 25

SI - 5000 Nova Gorica

Slovenia (EU)


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