A Newsletter For Women Who Don't Believe In Quick Fixes, But They Insist To Be Fully Ensouled 

This place is created for You, the Lighthouse - the Caring, and the Ambitious, on whom so many rely on. You know change - be it your personal or collective, it is not only needed but it's also inevitable. Deep intimacy, personal growth, healthy business, social, environmental change? For You and for me, they are all matters of the Soul. And with Soul, there are no quick fixes. Only lots of persistence committed inner work, and some miracles :) Welcome here!  My free newsletters are a mix of psychology and magic, born under Full and Empty Moon - or anytime in between, is delivered straight into the privacy of your inbox. A flux of challenging compassion, empowerment, and excellence. It will assist you in closing doors to your (hurtful) past, and crafting the real, raw, unrestrained -  ensouled You.

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Tina Bozic

Individual and Group Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (EAP), BA Psychology, DEH® Certified Professional,  EFT L2 Practitioner, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Sacred Womb Practitioner 



Serving Clients Worldwide

Assisting my clients since 2001, I know how the untold secrets and hidden emotional and spiritual wounds can and do stop women from creating the love desired, the success sought. 


But what I also know is, this can be changed.  

I want you to

unravel Yourself,

reclaim Inner Authority,

stand your own Truth.

That, my dear, makes a massive energetic difference in how you live, how you love, how you walk, talk, eat, take care of kids and a cat, and how you do your business. It determines the positive depth of your




bank account,

creative magic,

social change,



It helps you stand your own ground as a real, raw, unrestrained Woman.


You can embody this.


I can help. 

For a start, join the Inner Circle.

"When working with people, I can sense their Soul through the density of emotional pain, wounds, and layers of conditioning. There is a lot of Life going on behind our emotional shells. I'm here to help You step by step reconnect with your Soul, dissolve emotional blocks and mental restrictions so you can fully embody your Soul, and live accordingly to your deepest truth possible."